Articles Page + New Background

Brief post just to mention that I put up the Articles page, which you can also get to in the site’s navigation. This is a single page (which will be regularly updated) that links to all my articles on all sites, including an archive of all of them on this one (although there’s only one on here so far). Actually, when I was making it, nostalgia hit me pretty hard since I realized just how many articles I’ve written since I started writing them.

Also, changed the site’s background image. This one’s of Legend of Korra. What do you think? It’s likely these images will change often to fit what I’m into or what I’m covering the most at the time.

(For the record, more pages like the Articles one will go up soon, so you can look forward to that. :3 )

CN’s Saturday Lineup: Timeskips and Decency

I’m really proud of Cartoon Network right now. Despite their weirdness of having freakin’ reality TV shows (what the hell?) and dropping amazing shows like Teen Titans or not buying up new seasons of them like Secret Saturdays, they have a really good lineup right now. Aside from their good comedy shows like Regular Show, Adventure Time or sometimes Mad, they have their Saturday morning action show lineup. Which is, by the way, incredibly good.

This Saturday in particular was an excellent example. I mean, Thundercats was just alright like usual, and while the Pokemon Black & White episode was really good, the show can be a little dull sometimes as well. But Green Lantern and Young Justice really just highly impressed me.

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Oppressive Atmosphere of Mega Man Zero’s Music

Since I’ll be uploading a video about Mega Man Zero (finally) later today, I thought I’d finally express some thoughts I’ve had since I started the first Zero game that are better conveyed in a post than in a video.

Bottom line is Mega Man Zero has a hella oppressive atmosphere. To begin with, the story is basically robot nazis; the Resistance you’re protecting is facing complete annihilation by a militaristic force that’s trying to create peace for humans, but not for Reploids (which you, and the Resistance, are). Robot Nazis. Furthermore, the game is HARD. Some difficulty in a game with a scary setting goes a surprisingly long way in making that scariness believable.

And then there’s the boss theme, Crash. Just give this beautiful beast a listen:

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Kumbaya victory for the Thundercats! (Ugh.)

Alright, so I’m a little late posting this, but it’s a worthy thing to post so I figured better to post it later than not at all.

Bottom line is I was watching Thundercats last weekend, the 18th episode, “Survival of the Fittest”, and it cheesed me off so bad.

Now, Thundercats isn’t a bad show. It’s not a great show either. It’s decent but has issues throughout — especially in the writing and presentation — and this episode had some big ones for me, although… possibly they bugged me more because they’re a major annoyance for me.

The episode primarily focused on WilyKat and WilyKit as they were being taught how to hunt for food by Panthro and Cheetara. This got pretty dumb pretty fast as the kids repeatedly refused to actually kill the food. They just couldn’t bear to kill these guys:

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What’s all this, then?

Hey there everyone. I’m giving this site it’s first launch. This is and it will be (as the name vaguely suggests) my personal website from here on out. Primarily, it will serve as a blog and news site for my stuff. I’ll probably post about stuff I’m doing on other sites I go to, such as link to my videos and articles on Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon, as well as post notifications about new stuff on my YouTube channel and deviantART.

More importantly, though, I intend to post up original stuff on here as well. There’ve been a lot of articles, reviews, and other thoughts I’ve wanted to put out somewhere other than a forum post, and I thought a blog (or a site in a blog format) would be an excellent way to do that. So uh… here it is!

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