The Dead Bleed Penance

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Oneshot Fanfiction)
Rated T, I suppose, for general adult themes of war, death, evil curses, emotional trauma, and ghostliness.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Ikana region from Majora’s Mask, and I’ve done in-depth studying and theorizing about it because of that fascination. Due to my intense interest and love of the area’s themes, I wrote this, a story about Igos du Ikana and the Garo Master. The poems I wrote to go with it are something I haven’t done before, and something I intended to attribute to a more philosophical, meaningful nature for the story. Hope I pulled it off. 😀 Continue reading

Equalists in Legend of Korra; short-term villains?

I was looking for something else related to Legend of Korra while surfing through some Korra fansites, and I noticed this old bit of news from before the show premiered that some of you might have seen before, but was certainly news to me: Scroll to the bottom of the post where it talks about the “Future of the Series”.

First off, there’s no way they won’t net more seasons. This show is glorious and will be extremely popular… guaranteed. But if what they say is true, that means that Amon and the Equalists are temporary, and won’t be series-spanning like the Fire Nation was. My initial sadness at only having the Equalists for so long is counteracted by excitement for a constantly changing series. This could be very cool. It also explains why they’re going through the Equalist plotline at such a brisk pace; they’ve revealed things much quicker than they did with the Fire Nation.

Side note, on Avatar Wiki’s page for Amon, under Trivia, there is a crapload of creepy potential name origins for the guy. xD

Capcom, y u no Mega Man? Oh, nevermind

Uploaded another Mega Man video for Strange Talk? This video is not the timeline video I promised; I actually am bumping that to next week because of a discovery I made (which is addressed in this video). This video’s about Capcom’s odd treatment of the Mega Man series and what they are or aren’t doing about it now. You can watch the video here or continue reading to watch an embedded video. Continue reading

Oddities in Thundercats episode “The Pit”

Alright, so uh… yeah. Thundercats is being kinda bizarre again. You’ll recall a few days ago I made another post about Thundercats, complaining about WilyKat and WilyKit’s total inability to hunt for food because they didn’t want to kill cute things, but total willingness to beat the crap out of a predator. Well the episode after that, “The Pit”, is um… also really weird. Mostly because of WilyKat and WilyKit. Again.

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The End of a Savage

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Oneshot Fanfiction)
Rated T. Contains general and vague references to injury, combat, death, warfare, abandonment, feral children, and… cannibalism. Also mild swearing, just “damn” a lot.

Technically written before Twilight Successors. This fanfiction centers on King Bulblin and is basically him doing a personal retrospective of his life, with a lot of creative liberties taken. Though I do feel it ties in pretty nicely with the canon plot, and most who’ve read it agree. The comments I’ve gotten for this fic have been the best praise I’ve ever gotten. It’s a favorite of mine, and it’s definitely better than Twilight Successors, although some might like that better due to themes. This fic needs more love though; it’s better than Twilight Successors. :< Continue reading

Twilight Successors

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Oneshot Fanfiction)
I’d rate this PG. Nothing really to worry about other than some mild references to death.

Uploading old fanfictions and stories in order to make a page similar to the Articles one, then there will be new stories. This is actually something I wrote in two days (though don’t be alarmed by that statement; I do some of my best work under pressure). I wrote it to make the deadline of a fanfiction contest on, which it won (hah, less alarming now, isn’t it?). Light Midna x Zant. Kind of a romance fic, but there’s more serious drama in here. It’s a prequel to TP after all. Obviously no romance ever really worked out. Continue reading

Just saw X-Men: First Class…

Probably kinda late seeing this one. Anyway, still taking some time to think about the movie a bit, but I can at least say that my initial viewing was mostly a positive experience. It was an entertaining movie and I found it fairly enjoyable. Although I definitely had gripes. As I said, still considering the movie, so I have yet to decide how many of my gripes are objective problems and how many may just be my own petty opinions.

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