Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Inside the Deku Tree

Did a new editorial on ZD, but not just a normal one. Starting up a new “Dungeons” series, like my Skyward Sword Dungeons series. This time I’m going over Ocarina of Time, and of course starting from the beginning with Inside the Deku Tree.

I don’t really say a lot of intriguing stuff in this one (at least I thought), because it is a basic and simple dungeon, but I did go over that simplicity and examined it along with the infestation theme in the dungeon that I thought was interesting, and a bit unique. And it’s not terribly long. Check it out.

Returning to Z-Talk with an Epona Segment!

So on Saturday Z-Talk #23 (Zelda Dungeon’s podcast) came out, and this time the podcast has a lot of involvement from me finally! I dropped doing my old podcast segments — Beastly Oddities and occasional roundtables — a long time ago and am finally coming back with a new segment. I actually recorded this… I think a month ago? Getting things done ahead of time, haha.

Also participated on the Community Question of that month. Hopefully I’ll be able to do regular segments of The Wandering Beast though! Anyway just keeping you guys updated on what I do on other sites. Here’s the link again if you want it.

Resident Evil 6 Isn’t Looking So Good

Resident Evil 6 might be a highly anticipated title for a lot of people, but for me, the more I see of it, the less interested I am. I can’t remember if I’ve criticized the series anywhere outside of forums before, but I’ve had a number of gripes with it ever since Resident Evil 4 came out. I’m a big fan of classic Resident Evil and not much at all of modern Resident Evil. Next week I’ll be taking a detailed look at the series and what I think bogs down its recent installments. For now I’m going to specifically target Resident Evil 6, and especially go over four recent gameplay videos of it.

And before I begin, do bear in mind that I’m aware some people don’t share my pessimism about the game, and I honestly hope I’m wrong that the game is going to be bad. But I think the problems I’m going to point out are hard to ignore. I will try to avoid criticisms that come purely from a nostalgic perspective, however, though there will be some present and as I will cover next week, I think they are somewhat valid as well.

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Pumped for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Some of you might remember my last Strange Talk video about Kingdom Hearts 3D in which I talked about how I don’t hate it anymore. Honestly though, for me the game has just been gaining more and more speed, and now, only a few days from release, I can’t freaking wait to play it.

A large part of the reason why comes from me playing the demo on the 3DS eShop. Before then, yeah, I thought the game looked good, but I didn’t know how it would play yet. Wow that changed. The Kingdom Hearts 3D demo was very well-made in that it really shows you all the key parts of the gameplay, and it completely sold me on this game; I’m going to have a blast playing this.

One of my favorite additions is the Flowmotion, where you can ricochet off walls and surf on rails. This makes traveling through areas a breeze, and actually entertaining, but it has a much more significant impact on the combat.

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Twitter Feed in Sidebar + New Playlist & Background

Hey guys. Just a quick update to let you know about a couple of minor site changes. The playlist has been updated and move above the Social Networking stuff on the sidebar, because that stuff already has links in the form of the social networking buttons at the top.

I’ve also added the most recent tweets from my Twitter feed to the Social Networking part, and there’s a new background in preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3D! I’m also aware that image is totally website-inception.

Oh god, so busy lately…

Hey guys. I know I haven’t been that active on anything except Zelda Dungeon. Zelda Dungeon is partially at fault for that. Haha, I’m joking. I’ve been occupied with a lot of work. Recently was helping someone move, for one, and as a result of that (and if I’m being honest, some laziness beforehand), I had a lot of backlogged work to get through regarding my responsibilities on Zelda Dungeon. Particularly with the featured articles I run. Either way, things are beginning to ease off now, so expect things to pick up again here and on my personal channel.

If you’re curious, here’s a list of some of the crap I’ve been working on off the top of my head — some of which I still have to finish — in no particular order:

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