Pumped for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Some of you might remember my last Strange Talk video about Kingdom Hearts 3D in which I talked about how I don’t hate it anymore. Honestly though, for me the game has just been gaining more and more speed, and now, only a few days from release, I can’t freaking wait to play it.

A large part of the reason why comes from me playing the demo on the 3DS eShop. Before then, yeah, I thought the game looked good, but I didn’t know how it would play yet. Wow that changed. The Kingdom Hearts 3D demo was very well-made in that it really shows you all the key parts of the gameplay, and it completely sold me on this game; I’m going to have a blast playing this.

One of my favorite additions is the Flowmotion, where you can ricochet off walls and surf on rails. This makes traveling through areas a breeze, and actually entertaining, but it has a much more significant impact on the combat.

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