Resident Evil 6 Isn’t Looking So Good

Resident Evil 6 might be a highly anticipated title for a lot of people, but for me, the more I see of it, the less interested I am. I can’t remember if I’ve criticized the series anywhere outside of forums before, but I’ve had a number of gripes with it ever since Resident Evil 4 came out. I’m a big fan of classic Resident Evil and not much at all of modern Resident Evil. Next week I’ll be taking a detailed look at the series and what I think bogs down its recent installments. For now I’m going to specifically target Resident Evil 6, and especially go over four recent gameplay videos of it.

And before I begin, do bear in mind that I’m aware some people don’t share my pessimism about the game, and I honestly hope I’m wrong that the game is going to be bad. But I think the problems I’m going to point out are hard to ignore. I will try to avoid criticisms that come purely from a nostalgic perspective, however, though there will be some present and as I will cover next week, I think they are somewhat valid as well.

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