Curiosity Shop #097: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Missed doing a Curiosity Shop video last week, but yesterday I uploaded #097. Not my best video in my opinion, though I am a particular fan of the intro this time, and I wouldn’t call it bad. I answered 11 questions altogether. Click here to watch. Enjoy!

I’ve also extended the mailbag intro context by a week.

Axle vs. Darksiders [2]: Ripping a Bat’s Heart Out

Moving on with Darksiders, I went past The Crossroads into the game’s hub area, the Scalding Gallow, where I fought a barking, mean dude called the Phantom General, evidently the leader of the oddly weak goat men I’ve been fighting. I say they’re oddly weak because the game threw tough Fleshbursters and Gholen at me right away, but held off on introducing the goat-men Phantom Guards unless later, even though the aforementioned enemies are far tougher than them.

Whatever. Met Samael, the kinda generic-looking demon dude who’s supposed to be able to tell me how to kill The Destroyer. He tells me I need to kill The Destroyer’s Chosen, tear their hearts out and bring them to him.

…Cheerful. Sounds legit. If you’re not familiar with Darksiders, the title of this post is probably making some sense now.

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So alongside playing Kingdom Hearts 3D, I recently acquired a PS3 and am digging into Darksiders. Playing both games side-by-side, I thought I’d blog my progress in both. Note that this is the original Darksiders; I’ll likely get to Darksiders II shortly after beating it.

Turned off game hints in options — hoping that doesn’t include basic control explanations and therefore bite me in the ass — and am starting the game on Apocalyptic difficulty at the get-go. Anyway, so the first thing I do is watch cool scenes while listening to a man with an epic voice — the epickiest of voices, really — narrate the backstory to me. Good times.

Cue gameplay, and demon hound people from… well, hell… are running at me while I try to figure out how to play. Familiarity with Devil May Cry made it easy to adapt, and soon I’m kicking butt. I mess around with button combinations and go demon form, but it’s a horrible time and it runs out around when I encounter some angels.

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Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Fire Temple

Today I published another Ocarina of Time Dungeons editorial, about the Fire Temple. Like I said last week, this is my least favorite dungeon in Ocarina of Time, though I can pretty much admit it’s not a bad dungeon. I have a lot of personal gripes but can’t really do a good job of distinguishing them from objective complaints. Either way, hope you enjoy! You can read it here.

I also now have an overall name for all of the Dungeons editorials, “Axle’s Dungeon Reflections” — though the name scheme for individual editorials won’t change — along with a banner and page for the series!

Axle vs. Kingdom Hearts 3D [2]: Finishing up Traverse Town

Alright, so I continued with Traverse Town and met pretty much its entire cast. I really like these characters. I know that’s not really a credit to Dream Drop Distance specifically, because they come from The World Ends With You, nor can I really vouch for how faithfully they were implemented in this game, but regardless I found them to be very endearing and enjoyable.

Also, thanks to Shiki we’ve discovered that Riku is socially awkward, which makes a lot of sense, but I never really considered it before and it’s pretty funny. Then I found out about the secret underground mail delivery facility nefariously hidden under Traverse Town. Should I be worried?

It’s interesting that, as soon as you’re done meeting all of the characters, Traverse Town basically becomes a dungeon. I’m excited about it because it’s something I’ve been thinking the series has needed to do for a while… to have something resembling traditional area structure within each world individually… towns, overworld, and dungeons. This is pretty close to that, although it’s more reminiscent of Chain of Memories in that the entire world is a dungeon, with a handful of save points and shops scattered around.

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Axle vs. Kingdom Hearts 3D [1]: I’ll Dream Your Drop Somewhere in the Distance

Alright, so now that I finally managed to sort out whatever was wrong with the mail order and actually have the game sent to me, I’ve begun playing Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, otherwise known as the game with one of the worst titles of the series. A full review will come later, as will my first impressions video. For now, I will be blogging my run through the game.

So I booted up the game and immediately dawww’d at the Fantasia-inspired Mickey Mouse intro (it had a silhouette of Mickey doing his magic thang), and then watched the rest of the intro. It’s set to the intro song of the original Kingdom Hearts — the instrumental version, which I prefer — and runs over mostly the most important, iconic scenes from every game of the series. I actually really liked the popup book design of Destiny Islands during this scene, but otherwise it’s what we’ve seen before.

New Game, away!

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Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Forest Temple

Just published the fourth Ocarina of Time Dungeons editorial on Zelda Dungeon. This one’s about the Forest Temple, which, as I’ve admittedly discussed in the past, is my favorite dungeon of Ocarina of Time, and actually my second favorite of the entire series. I also think it’s objectively the best dungeon, aside from it being one of my favorites. Check it out!

While writing this I tried to make it marginally funnier. I feel like a lot of my recent articles have gotten kind of dry. I don’t know if that’s true or not but let me know if it is, and if you think it’s at least a little better here. It’ll probably take practice.

New Playlist – Maverick Rising

I’ve compiled a new playlist for the site’s sidebar, and since I recently did a post about the amazing Maverick Rising remix album and it’s all I’ve been listening to lately, I decided to theme the playlist after it (and I also couldn’t resist showing off Dominic Ninmark’s awesome Vile disk art).

I actually think I’ll leave this one up indefinitely on Mixpod, so here’s the direct link to the Mixpod playlist. You can also take this as an expansion of my list of favorite songs from last time, although I think those ones still rise above the rest found on the album.

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The Legend of Korra Season 1 Review

Ah, The Legend of Korra, the long-awaited sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was just as impatient waiting for it as a lot of other people were, so when the premiere aired, I was excited. But just how good was the series so far? I realize it’s been a while since Season 1 ended, but the show is still fresh on peoples’ minds; plenty of people are still viewing the show for the first time, and even those who caught the original airing are still talking about it in fan communities, so it’s still a relevant topic in my eyes. Sometime soon I’ll also do a review of the original Avatar series, but for now, here is my review of The Legend of Korra. Continue reading

Mega Man X Remix Album – Maverick Rising

So I’m a little late to the party, because this album came out about five months ago, but I still needed to bring this up because I’m sure plenty of people — especially my viewers — have yet to check it out. I recently downloaded the Maverick Rising album off OverClocked ReMix, and it’s an amazing collection of remixes of songs from the Mega Man X series. You are hereby ordered to download it now. Here’s the official site. It’s huge but totally worth it.

Honestly, amazing is an understatement. This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off of OverClocked ReMix. Many of the songs are very true to the originals while still making the songs unique, and the ones that differ a lot do it well. Beyond that, the songs are arranged in albums themed after X, Zero, Vile, and Sigma, and the songs chosen for each not only fit the characters well, but portions of the story of the X series itself, turning into an amazing musical journey through the entire eight-game series. For a long-time Mega Man fan such as myself, this was an extremely emotional time for me! The album and disk art (the X disk art is the featured image) are also amazing, done by artist Dominic Ninmark.

I’ve only listened to the X and Zero disks straight so far, but skimming the rest shows me they are amazing too. Some of my favorites are embedded from YouTube if you continue reading, but you gotta download the whole thing because they’re all incredible. Continue reading