So alongside playing Kingdom Hearts 3D, I recently acquired a PS3 and am digging into Darksiders. Playing both games side-by-side, I thought I’d blog my progress in both. Note that this is the original Darksiders; I’ll likely get to Darksiders II shortly after beating it.

Turned off game hints in options — hoping that doesn’t include basic control explanations and therefore bite me in the ass — and am starting the game on Apocalyptic difficulty at the get-go. Anyway, so the first thing I do is watch cool scenes while listening to a man with an epic voice — the epickiest of voices, really — narrate the backstory to me. Good times.

Cue gameplay, and demon hound people from… well, hell… are running at me while I try to figure out how to play. Familiarity with Devil May Cry made it easy to adapt, and soon I’m kicking butt. I mess around with button combinations and go demon form, but it’s a horrible time and it runs out around when I encounter some angels.

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