Top 16 Most Disturbing Zelda Characters

Hey guys. Earlier today I published a new article on Zelda Dungeon, “Top 16 Most Disturbing Zelda Characters”, a list of… well, it speaks for itself. This is another of my humorous list articles, using the same format as my Top 16 Most Annoying Zelda Characters article from about three months back. I included a decent amount of fairly obvious choices this time around, but there’s a few surprises on there too.

The article’s met some decent success already, too, with a score of 57 on Reddit as of this writing. I can’t say I fully understand why this article was so much more successful than the last in the same style, but whatever. I’ll take it! You can check out the article here. Enjoy! Tell me your thoughts on my list if you haven’t on Zelda Dungeon already!