A Decent Argument About Modern Resident Evil

I’m a classic Resident Evil fan who prefers the older games of the series, but even I can grudgingly admit that complaining about the series becoming action-oriented just on that basis alone — whether it’s a valid complaint or not — is little more than an appeal to personal preference; it isn’t going to convince anyone.

I do think it’s strange to have a series suddenly redefine itself, especially in such a way that it alienates its prior fanbase, but there are valid circumstances for such a thing, and it’s happened before in the video game industry. So rather than complain about that, I want to take the time to compose a decent argument about the problems present in the modern Resident Evil games (mainly Resident Evil 4 and 5) other than them simply not being horror games. Problems in the redefinition itself as well as in the games. I don’t hate the games, so I hope fans of the modern games are still reading and hear me out. After all, you’re always free to disagree.

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