Song Spotlight: Resident Evil Save Room Themes

Since it’s October and I effing love Halloween, I’m going to be covering season-relevant topics as often as I can this month, so to start, how about a little more Resident Evil? For this Song Spotlight, I’d like to cover some of my favorite songs from the Resident Evil series, the safe room/save room themes.

I always thought these tunes were especially iconic and important in the Resident Evil games. Particularly in the games that used the old gameplay format, you’d always have one of these songs. They play in rooms — typically with typewriters (save points) and item storage boxes — where you’re safe from any enemies. The song is typically designed to fit that tone, to make you feel safer, but there’s some interesting variety between the different ones. Continue reading to check out a few that I thought were noteworthy.

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Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Spirit Temple

Alright so I published the second to last of my Ocarina of Time Dungeons editorials, the Spirit Temple. In this review of the dungeon, I go over a bit of how popular it is, but how, to me, it just seems pretty basic. It’s very epic and really does bring its Egyptian style together with the gameplay for a sort of trap-ridden tomb feel, but I thought that overall, especially regarding its layout, it was still very straightforward as a dungeon. It had a great boss with a lot of personality though, I thought. Anyway, click here to read it, and tell me what you think!

I actually wrote this the night before and lost a bit of sleep getting it done, so y’all had better appreciate! (I’m kidding; tell me what you thought anyway!) And like I said, this is the second to last of my Ocarina of Time dungeon reviews, the last one being Ganon’s Castle. I don’t know what game I’m going to tackle next in Axle’s Dungeon Reflections. Might be Majora’s Mask, but I dunno. Any thoughts? Tell me in the comments!