Song Spotlight: Diablo II’s Spider Cavern Theme

Diablo II has an amazing soundtrack in general, with some intimidating atmospheric tunes that befit its demon-infested environments (meaning, obviously, that the amount they need to be intimidating to sell the setting is “pretty darn”). Plenty of the songs, while great, never stood out to me in particular, but the song I’m going to be talking about is different, because I’d place it somewhere in my top 5 songs of the soundtrack. I would also award it the title of Diablo II’s creepiest song, which is why we’re featuring it for October!

I am talking about none other than the theme that plays in the Spider Cavern, found in the overrun jungles of Kurast. It’s a place that, as we’re about to discuss, is horrifying for reasons other than the fact that its most common foe is called “Fetish”. Let’s have a listen:

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