Creature Spotlight: Elvoret (Final Fantasy VIII)

For the second creature spotlight of October I’d like to cover a bit of an oddball, the Elvoret from Final Fantasy VIII. Not necessarily an favorite creature of all-time for me, but a really interesting one and a great one for Halloween. This creature was really iconic for me, because when I first played Final Fantasy VIII, I didn’t have a freaking memory card and the Elvoret battle was about as far as I could get in a single sitting. That probably sounds hilariously sad, but it’s the reason that the Elvoret and the boss music you fight it to are one of my most-remembered gaming moments. Continue reading

Majora’s Mask Dungeons: Woodfall Temple

For October, I’m going to be covering Majora’s Mask next on Axle’s Dungeon Reflections, and I just posted the first one today. My review of the Woodfall Temple is pretty lengthy and detailed, but hopefully it’s entertaining. Wrote this at the last minute again. Haha. I also couldn’t remember this game’s dungeons terribly well right now, for whatever reason, so I’m replaying Majora’s Mask again to make sure I’m refreshed. Still fun, of course. I might make a practice of doing this with Axle’s Dungeon Reflections in general from now on. Anyway, you can read it here.