Creature Spotlight: Doppelganger (Dungeons & Dragons)

Dungeons & Dragons might be a pen and paper RPG, but given the whole dungeon-crawling aspect, it’s also a game about monsters (this is clearly an unbiased statement). There are tons of creatures for your Game Master to pit you against in the game, and a huge amount of artwork depicting them. I’d like to bring up one of my favorites: the Doppelganger.

Actually, you can also play as a doppelganger character in the game, but at least according to the rules I was playing by, it wasn’t permitted unless the character received huge penalties. I’m still very sore about this, even though I haven’t played in a while. I have no idea if that’s true of all other rulesets or not, because quite frankly I’m the guy in the campaign who’s always asking “…how do I do that?”, so if any of you out there are experienced with pen and paper RPGs, please tell me if there’s a reasonable way for me to play as a doppelganger in like… any of them. I have a burning need to be able to play as this. Anyway. Back to the doppelganger itself.

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