Playlist Update

New playlist! This one’s heavily October themed to go with the rest of the posts on the site. There were a couple of songs that didn’t work (mainly from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Silent Hill), but there’s still some cool spooky stuff on here from other games. Not every song is creepy, but I think most of them are at least seasonal! Check it out! There’s 17 songs total. Continue reading for the tracklist and a bigger playlist embed if you don’t like my sidebar for some reason (what is wrong with you?).

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Song Spotlight: Diablo II’s Spider Cavern Theme

Diablo II has an amazing soundtrack in general, with some intimidating atmospheric tunes that befit its demon-infested environments (meaning, obviously, that the amount they need to be intimidating to sell the setting is “pretty darn”). Plenty of the songs, while great, never stood out to me in particular, but the song I’m going to be talking about is different, because I’d place it somewhere in my top 5 songs of the soundtrack. I would also award it the title of Diablo II’s creepiest song, which is why we’re featuring it for October!

I am talking about none other than the theme that plays in the Spider Cavern, found in the overrun jungles of Kurast. It’s a place that, as we’re about to discuss, is horrifying for reasons other than the fact that its most common foe is called “Fetish”. Let’s have a listen:

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Favorite Zelda Moments: The Death Sword Appears

Earlier today I posted an editorial over on Zelda Dungeon in place of the mailbag (which I was unable to do because I’m sick), another one of my Favorite Zelda Moments editorials, this time a Halloween-relevant one about the Death Sword’s appearance in Twilight Princess. This has always been one of my favorite Zelda moments, so I thought I’d discuss it in time for Halloween since it’s so spooky. You can read it here.

I’ve also always love the Death Sword’s music. So honestly, you should just consider this a Song Spotlight, too. I’m being a cheapskate today. It’s okay, I hate me too.

So what did you think of the Death Sword? Did you think it was scary, or that its appearance had good atmosphere? Tell me in the comments!

The Benefits of Nighttime in Zelda

I wrote an editorial over on Zelda Dungeon about night in the Zelda series. Mainly it was inspired by how poorly I felt the nighttime mechanics were handled in Skyward Sword, which I thought was particularly unfortunate because the visuals for it were so beautiful in that game. Some other games, like Twilight Princess, also did some fancier things with night, and in this editorial I just go over my thoughts on it briefly. You can read it here.

What did you think of nighttime in Zelda, and in Skyward Sword? Tell me in the comments!

Zelda Monsters That Should Return

Did a new video discussion on Zelda Dungeon finally. Been a while since I did a Zelda video that wasn’t a mailbag! This one’s about monsters that haven’t appeared in a while (or at least haven’t appeared in 3D or to a degree that I’d like) that I want to see again in a Zelda game. It’s a good topic for everyone to weigh in on, though, so be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments! You can watch the video here.

Axle vs. Darksiders [3]: Ulthane is Awesome

Again, it’s been a while! I’ll get back on blogging my run through this game now. So last time I cleared the Twilight Cathedral and had another talk with Samael in which War looked like he was going to kill Mark Hamil… I mean The Watcher… but didn’t (which I bet is going to bite him in the #*$ later). I acquired my “holy jeez yusssss you are so screwed” form (Chaos Form, which turns me into a large invincible demon for a short amount of time), and set off to find the “Black Hammer”, Ulthane. Bro has a nifty subtitle, whoever he is.

So I went through a brief yet extremely confusing industrial transition area in a tunnel, complete with a giant rotating fan… thing (at least it was confusing for me… both to figure out how to get through it and just in concept; what’s a giant fan… thing… doing there in a human city?), and moved on to the Drowned Pass. Instead of working my way through the enemies along the pathway and moving down to the water, I jumped straight in from the top, promptly making my navigation through this area way more confusing than it had to be! Eventually, after much pain, I made sense of it, found a bunch of secrets, killed all the bad goat men and fat exploding monster people, and moved on to Anvil’s Ford.

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Song Spotlight: Plant 42 from Resident Evil

Another Song Spotlight! But this time, not as an excuse to not post something else; there will be another post later today. I want to cover another Resident Evil song like I did last time, and again this is going to go over more than one version of the song, though in this case there’s only two and it should be a lot briefer.

Plant 42 is a boss in the first Resident Evil game and its remake. It’s a gigantic creature that mutated from an unknown plant, and it dominates a huge portion of the Residence/Guardhouse area. I want to compare the original and remake versions, so here, have a listen:

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8 Scary Settings That Would Be Cool In Zelda

Last night I wrote up a simple article for the article post today. I’m actually hoping to crack down on some of the articles that have been submitted to us, but I had to write this first because, well, time was up. Writing this was hell for once because I was dead tired and unable to concentrate much, so I had to go to sleep and make it actually good in the morning (for which I had some help). Either way I think it turned out decently though. Exactly as the name says: A bunch of ideas for Zelda’s frequent scary locations. You can read it here. Enjoy!

Curiosity Shop #100: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

Alright guys! I finally finished Mailbag #100 and it went up on Zelda Dungeon earlier today. It’s a huge, honking mailbag that goes over 42 minutes and has 54 questions. Big thanks to all the support and help I’ve received over the last 100 mailbags, and hopefully I can do another 100! The new logo and intro also show up for the first time. The mailbag will go back to a normal schedule and length after this. Anyway, check it out here.

Axle vs. Kingdom Hearts 3D [4]: Pranking Whales is Not Smart

Words of wisdom right there.

So it’s been a while since I last wrote about my run through Kingdom Hearts 3D. While I did stop playing for a little while, I’ve still made a lot of progress since then, so I’ll try to run through as much as I can here. After I completed Lela City of Clockses dfsfgnfd (no idea how to spell it still, without looking at it anyway), I went straight to The Grid, my most anticipated world in this game. I entered with Sora first, but my Drop Gauge was almost empty and I had the “weather” where all the enemies are super tough, so after getting battered around for a while, I drop and enter with Riku. Continue reading