Pokemon Designs: Ninfia

Just published a new Pokemon Designs editorial on Pokemon Dungeon, reviewing the design of Ninfia, the newly-leaked Eevee evolution… at least reviewing what we know about it so far, anyway.

Little is known about this Pokemon right now, including its type, so there’s a lot of speculation at the moment. I talk a bit about what type I think it probably is, and also explain how I feel about how well its design matches up with different types (as an Eeveelution’s design is supposed to).

I didn’t actually expect to have another Gen VI Pokemon to review yet, and had been planning on reviewing the Gen I starter Pokemon, but then this news came out, so… Haha.

Anyway, you can read the editorial here. Enjoy! Tell me what you think about Ninfia!

Twilight Princess Dungeons: Snowpeak Ruins

I posted the next Twilight Princess dungeon review on Zelda Dungeon today, reviewing the game’s fifth dungeon, Snowpeak Ruins. This is one of my favorite dungeons in Twilight Princess and possibly its best, although I don’t think I really realized that until my last run through it this past weekend. This is one of my longest dungeon reviews, but there was a lot for me to say about Snowpeak Ruins.

I really love the second boss theme for this dungeon. It’s a really epic song alongside being really pretty, and it’s just always made a huge impression on me. One of the best battle themes in Zelda history if you ask me. Anyway, you can read the review here. Enjoy! Tell me what you thought of Snowpeak Ruins!

The Wind Waker’s Visuals and the HD Remake

Augh everything conspired to ruin my plans for the weekend, including my power even freaking going out. So here’s the video I posted on Zelda Dungeon’s YouTube channel on Saturday. It’s the first video discussion I’ve done in a while (especially for that channel) and discusses the recently announced The Wind Waker HD while comparing its graphics (as we’ve seen so far from screenshots) to the original’s. You can watch it here. Enjoy!

New Pokemon Designs Editorial Series

In addition to the Zelda Dungeon posts and videos on my YouTube channel that I just posted about, I’ve also just recently started a new series of editorial posts on Pokemon Dungeon, entitled Pokemon Designs, in which I discuss Pokemon monsters, their designs, their lore, and just examine and review them. It’s sort of like Axle’s Dungeon Reflections on Zelda Dungeon, but instead of examining dungeons in detail, I’m examining Pokemon!

The two posts I’ve done so far for the series are preliminary reviews, analyzing what little we know about the few Gen VI Pokemon that have been announced. Links:

Pokemon Designs: Gen VI Starters
Pokemon Designs: Gen VI Legendaries

Hey Guys! All Dis Stuff I Didn’t Talk About!

Okay so, wow, it’s been a while. Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth in terms of posting here on my blog. Actually, I have been doing things elsewhere, I just haven’t been posting about them on here like I usually do. This post is a collection of links to all of the stuff on Zelda Dungeon and my YouTube channel that I posted but haven’t updated you guys on here.

I’ll post about the new series I just started on Pokemon Dungeon and the Zelda Dungeon video I posted just today in their own posts. Continue reading