I’m Axle the Beast, or Axle D. Wilder. I’m 20 and a geek who regularly enjoys modern entertainment. I’ve got a wide set of interests and am not hard to please, but am extremely hard to stop from complaining; I have a tendency to see issues even in games or shows that I highly enjoyed, so I tend to have (hopefully) interesting opinions about a lot of things, including things I’m a huge fan of. I enjoy breaking things down and looking at them objectively as well as giving my own personal, subjective, and/or emotional thoughts about them.

In February of 2010 I began working as a staff member on Zelda Dungeon, doing the weekly video mailbag called the “Curiosity Shop”. I make those videos as well as other discussion videos and even written articles for the site, as well as make occasional contributions to its sister site Pokemon Dungeon and other sites on the Dungeon Gaming Network.

In additional to my heavy interest in Zelda and Pokemon, I also enjoy a variety of other series as well as many television shows, movies, books, music, etc.. As I said I have a wide set of interests, so you’ll often see me discuss wildly different forms of entertainment (from My Little Pony to Preacher, if you want an example of how different.) I tend to be the reverse of a hipster, becoming more interested in something the more people like it, and I tend to look into popular aspects of pop culture out of interest in being knowledgeable in them.

Self-proclaimed skilled writer (or at least fairly good,) I enjoy writing articles, reviews, fanfiction, wholly original stories, and just giving my thoughts in general. I also make YouTube videos, for the aforementioned sites as well as my own channel.

As for boring personal stuff?

I’m generally pretty private about personal details, so I don’t really disclose my name or location, though I’m fine saying that I live in the United States. Male, caucasion, and heterosexual… despite what some of my favorite YouTube comments imply. 😛

I’m very politically opinionated, leaning towards libertarian beliefs though not completely. My general belief is that the less control applied over the population, the better, but I have definite exceptions to this belief (I’m against legalization of drugs, for example.) Philosophically, I believe that morality is the only absolute, and despite being mostly atheist I believe that morals and what’s right and wrong are predetermined. I do believe in gray areas though. I actually believe in them in the extreme: To me, no action can be deemed right or wrong in all contexts — I believe there are always exceptions. I just think the “right answer” to any given situation is always set in stone, it just might not be obvious.

I generally keep that kind of heavy political or moral stuff out of my videos and articles, though I think that kind of thing will definitely come up from time to time. I am always happy to listen to alternative views, whether or not I agree.

Now I’m assuming that’s generally more than most people want to read about me in one go, but I wanted to be comprehensive.

…Wait, what, you want to hear more?

You’re creepy man. Go away. D=

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