Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Fire Temple

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Today I published another Ocarina of Time Dungeons editorial, about the Fire Temple. Like I said last week, this is my least favorite dungeon in Ocarina of Time, though I can pretty much admit it’s not a bad dungeon. I have a lot of personal gripes but can’t really do a good job of distinguishing them from objective complaints. Either way, hope you enjoy! You can read it here.

I also now have an overall name for all of the Dungeons editorials, “Axle’s Dungeon Reflections” — though the name scheme for individual editorials won’t change — along with a banner and page for the series!

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  • JuicieJ

    The Fire Temple is a pretty decent dungeon. Not bad, not great. Most fire dungeons in the series are easily superior to it if you ask me. I like the opening room, though. Seeing those faces and hearing that chanting music for the first time was really something as a kid, and the memory was instantly engraved into my brain upon experiencing it. Other than that, though, again, just a decent dungeon.