Ocarina of Time Dungeons: Inside the Deku Tree

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Did a new editorial on ZD, but not just a normal one. Starting up a new “Dungeons” series, like my Skyward Sword Dungeons series. This time I’m going over Ocarina of Time, and of course starting from the beginning with Inside the Deku Tree.

I don’t really say a lot of intriguing stuff in this one (at least I thought), because it is a basic and simple dungeon, but I did go over that simplicity and examined it along with the infestation theme in the dungeon that I thought was interesting, and a bit unique. And it’s not terribly long. Check it out.

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  • JuicieJ

    I think the Deku Tree is one of the best tutorials Zelda has to offer. While I prefer the tutorials to be at the beginning so that the first dungeon can be an *actual* dungeon, there’s no denying that the Deku Tree was a great way to introduce players to the basics of the game and prepare them for what was yet to come.