• Din Akera

    Great article. I had never heard of the Roc before, and certainly learned a lot in relation to the connections between the myths and the series. Also, having researched the phenix myself, I was amazed that I never made the connection to the skyward sword birds. I do see your point in the physical description and name reference. Now, I wished they had taken this enemy further and used the likeness more in the actions of the enemy. (Perhaps respawning form ashes). But Nintendo may not have wanted to be too explicit(?).

    Something that strikes me is in all your research of this topic the majority of the connections are from cultures other than the Japanese. In many ways I find this very interesting. I would think that Nintendo would want to include references from its own culture in greater number. I was trying to decide why this would be, perhaps a desire to connect with western culture? I’d like to know your thoughts on that.

    I was surprised the shoebill/loftwing was not a greater topic of your article, after reading the topic header, I assumed the larger portion of the article would have been this recent connection.

    Great article Axle.