Differing Opinions OR Ur Wrong

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Something I wanted to talk about a little is, well, what the title implies (if you can read internet speak, that is… maybe I should avoid using that in my titles): People with differing opinions a subject, but more specifically people who project their opinion as solid fact.

As you’re probably aware since most of my current viewer base comes from Zelda Dungeon, I published a new article over there today called Top 16 Most Annoying Zelda Characters. I excluded some fan favorites for the title, like Navi or Tingle, and included a lot of ones that a lot of people wouldn’t have seen coming. But I wasn’t trolling; The list was composed of my honest opinions and personal annoyances from the series.

A lot of people responded to that with things like “Where’s Navi and Tingle?!” and, more to the point, “A lot of stuff on this list is wrong”.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not actually complaining about it. I wrote that article, well aware ahead of time that it was going to be that kind of thing. A friend told me it was going to be controversial no matter who I picked, and he was right. It’s also a common kind of thing to see on the internet in general: People getting pissed off at everyone else’s differing opinions. It happens in real life, but it happens more on the internet because there isn’t a physical person to confront… just some text that’s relatively painless to yell at. (Not intending this as an insult at anyone; that’s a legitimate phenomenon that happens to everyone, including me. Less to confront is less to confront, regardless of how comfortable you are with confrontation.)

I guess I ultimately just find it a little odd to see people decrying others’ opinions on things like this. Specifically things where it’s not a matter of objectivity or what’s “correct”; Theoretically it might be possible to determine the objectively most annoying thing, but that’s not what I was doing with this article. It was just a list of my personal annoyances, and I even labeled some of my reasons as completely personal experiences. I suppose in some ways that might have been unclear to some readers since I came up with actual reasoning as to why the characters were annoying, but… ultimately that’s because I had to write an article. Can’t just list some names and claim they’re annoying, don’tcha know.

But in cases where there’s no right or wrong answer, and where there isn’t an easy point of misunderstanding on that fact, it bugs me a bit that people will respond to something and say that someone else’s personal angle on something subjective is wrong.

There are definitely times where such a statement would be applicable, particularly when the topic is not something subjective at all and there actually is a concrete, definite answer. This just isn’t one of them.

Of course I’m just babbling about internet nonsense at this point. Again, not really complaining, just noting oddities. In all fairness, I’m probably also guilty of doing to some degree. I’ve misunderstood people who were not claiming facts and instead were just stating personal thoughts, and I’ve stated that I believe someone to be wrong… though I tend to think there’s a difference between stating a belief that someone’s wrong and claiming they are absolutely, definitely wrong.

…I dunno. Babble/rant. No real direction with this, just some thoughts and I guess a light follow-up bloggity-type post to explain my article a bit. Either way, have you run into this kind of thing a lot? Given that this is the internet, I’m going to go ahead and guess the answer is “yes”, but I dunno. Do you have any thoughts on it, or have you seen any particularly hilarious cases of it (it’s been pretty funny to watch on my article). Talk to me. :<

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  • Squall

    The only thing I have to say is that you have your opinions and no one should judge you for them… Those who do are stupid. I enjoyed your article though.

  • Setterwind

    Interesting topic.  I know this stuff happens but I can’t really think of any particular instance that stands out to me.  I don’t really do much reading when it comes to other ppl’s opinions either though.  ‘cept yours of course xD  I enjoyed the pictures that you used in this btw.

  • Dee

    Urgh, yes, all of this. I read your article on ZD and got really annoyed at the people telling you that you were “wrong” just for having a different opinion. Did no one ever teach these people that opinions do not equal gospel truth? Did no one ever teach them that their opinion is not the sole (or any) definition of “indisputably correct”?

  • Din Akera

    I think the screen provides so much protection for people, and really allows people to lash out more violently than they would irl. Yes, I see this a lot. I think you hit one of the nails though too. Because of the text interaction, much can be misinterpreted though the internet. People get defensive when they get a response they are not expecting, and that response was usually because of a slight misunderstanding of tone. I believe the number one cause is someone disagreeing with someone else’s statement in order to start a discussion and that person reacting defensively to that conversation starter. Without some differing opinion there would be no discussion and where is the fun in that? There isn’t. The whole point is to be able to share with each other and grow in our own opinions and knowledge from that interaction. (That was way more philosophical than I intended, lol). Personally, i was very happy that Tingle wasn’t on the list because I don’t find him annoying and it gets tiring trying to defend him on a consistent basis.