Mega Man X Remix Album – Maverick Rising

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So I’m a little late to the party, because this album came out about five months ago, but I still needed to bring this up because I’m sure plenty of people — especially my viewers — have yet to check it out. I recently downloaded the Maverick Rising album off OverClocked ReMix, and it’s an amazing collection of remixes of songs from the Mega Man X series. You are hereby ordered to download it now. Here’s the official site. It’s huge but totally worth it.

Honestly, amazing is an understatement. This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off of OverClocked ReMix. Many of the songs are very true to the originals while still making the songs unique, and the ones that differ a lot do it well. Beyond that, the songs are arranged in albums themed after X, Zero, Vile, and Sigma, and the songs chosen for each not only fit the characters well, but portions of the story of the X series itself, turning into an amazing musical journey through the entire eight-game series. For a long-time Mega Man fan such as myself, this was an extremely emotional time for me! The album and disk art (the X disk art is the featured image) are also amazing, done by artist Dominic Ninmark.

I’ve only listened to the X and Zero disks straight so far, but skimming the rest shows me they are amazing too. Some of my favorites are embedded from YouTube if you continue reading, but you gotta download the whole thing because they’re all incredible.

Super Fighting Robot X is a remix of one of my (immensely nostalgic) favorite Mega Man X songs, the Intro Stage from X3, and it’s glorious. It’s the first lengthy song on the entire album (the first one is short), and it sets the stage for the rest amazingly. Very heroic but also very desperate.

21XX War Was Beginning is hilarious and epic. It’s a remix of the Intro Stage theme from X5, and it turns it into an 80s styled adventure theme, but with the style it reminds me of the original animated Transformers movie, and it sets the stage for the adventures and wars over the rest of the Mega Man timeline like that movie’s soundtrack represented the fighting they had to do.

Dusty Dune Devil is a remix of Overdrive Ostrich’s theme from X2, which is great for me because X2 was the first Mega Man game I owned. This is an amazing song because it’s 100% true to the original song yet totally unique because of the style. My mouth fell open listening to this.

Crawfish Crackdown melted my face off. This is my second favorite song from X3 and this mix just pushes it above and beyond. I love it! If I was a boss in a video game this would be my battle song!

Another X2 one, Intruder Alert is a mix of the song for one of the toughest stages and bosses in the game, Magna Centipede, and I was amazed at how it perfectly captures the moment. Infiltrating the bass, getting spotted and the alarm setting off, and then the tense scramble through the challenging level… every moment and emotion from the entire stage is captured within this one song. That’s impressive, and if they ever remade X2, they would have to use this song. No excuse not to.

Go. Download. The. Album!

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  • JuicieJ


    This is music to my ears. (Wow, what a pun…)

  • Din Akera

    I think the simple truth of the matter is, that I don’t appreciate video game music as music in and of itself. I have always seen it as a mood setter, to be used within different areas in a video game that correspond with each other. The songs are great, yes, and I can see them being fantastic mood setters, but I can also see how you are viewing them as songs on their own. There is some pretty crazy guitar rifts here. I liked the last two the best.