Equalists in Legend of Korra; short-term villains?

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I was looking for something else related to Legend of Korra while surfing through some Korra fansites, and I noticed this old bit of news from before the show premiered that some of you might have seen before, but was certainly news to me: Scroll to the bottom of the post where it talks about the “Future of the Series”.

First off, there’s no way they won’t net more seasons. This show is glorious and will be extremely popular… guaranteed. But if what they say is true, that means that Amon and the Equalists are temporary, and won’t be series-spanning like the Fire Nation was. My initial sadness at only having the Equalists for so long is counteracted by excitement for a constantly changing series. This could be very cool. It also explains why they’re going through the Equalist plotline at such a brisk pace; they’ve revealed things much quicker than they did with the Fire Nation.

Side note, on Avatar Wiki’s page for Amon, under Trivia, there is a crapload of creepy potential name origins for the guy. xD

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  • (From the majorly informed little sister) The original plan was for a 12 episode mini series, but upon the major involvement and support from the fans early on, thanks to the leaks, there were an added 14 episodes to the roster. Luckily this was early enough in the production that they are now just expanding and going into in greater depth with what was the original plan. This was said by Bryan quite earlier on. I do believe that the Equalists will last throughout the series because of the earlier plans and interviews. They have stated that there will only be the 26 episodes, but this may change, because they said they where ending their project after 3 series (AtLA), but then continued on with a new series and 12 episodes, then got renewed again, so I don’t think they even know what will happen after the 26 episodes.

    So, what was being said about the interviews from the creators happened before the new episodes were added to the mix. This means Amon is here to stay, at least for the 26 episodes (over 2 seasons). But they may continue Korra’s story arch with new plots and villains, should they expand Korra’s story.