Kumbaya victory for the Thundercats! (Ugh.)

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Alright, so I’m a little late posting this, but it’s a worthy thing to post so I figured better to post it later than not at all.

Bottom line is I was watching Thundercats last weekend, the 18th episode, “Survival of the Fittest”, and it cheesed me off so bad.

Now, Thundercats isn’t a bad show. It’s not a great show either. It’s decent but has issues throughout — especially in the writing and presentation — and this episode had some big ones for me, although… possibly they bugged me more because they’re a major annoyance for me.

The episode primarily focused on WilyKat and WilyKit as they were being taught how to hunt for food by Panthro and Cheetara. This got pretty dumb pretty fast as the kids repeatedly refused to actually kill the food. They just couldn’t bear to kill these guys:

Yeah I know, they’re adorable. But so are a lot of real-world animals like bunnies, deer, and pigs (arguably), which people also eat. Eating animals is kind of a thing. I know there’s the vegetarian angle, but come on, even vegetarians have to acknowledge that animals do eat each other, and that in a situation where survival is at risk unless you kill and eat another animal… you’re doing nothing wrong by doing so, considering that all creatures have to eat to survive.

It got especially annoying when they were fine beating the crap out of this guy:

Because “lol he’s a mean creature”. To be fair they didn’t eat him either, but that’s unbelievable in its own way, because COME ON. They were low on food. They’re on a serious mission. LOOK AT THAT THING. THAT IS A LOT OF MEAT. It’s grossly irresponsible of them to not bring this thing back to base and instead fairy off to find some fruit (which yes, is what actually happened).

This show had an excellent opportunity to show them about to kill the creature, but then discover that it, too, was just trying to feed its family. This was an excellent, AND BASIC, lesson it could have taught the children viewing the show that they were probably trying to shelter.

Friggin’ disgraceful.

Oh well. At least WilyKat and WilyKit’s mom was hot:

(Images courtesy of Thundercats Wiki. Thanks guys.)

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    What is this homosexuality?

    I’m 12 and pronounce this cancer. 

  • I never really got into Thundercats. I hear that it is a pretty good show, but I’ve never had the time to sit and watch an episode and get immersed in the experience. I appreciate good Television, but it can be hard for me to find something new.

    • AxletheBeast

      I like Thundercats, but sadly I will admit… you’re not really missing much. Honestly it doesn’t stand out a lot from other shows. I’d say its high points are the anime style and being a fan of the original, mainly.

      • Ah. Well, I’ll stay away from the show then. I’m too into Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, and plenty of other shows.

        • AxletheBeast

          If you’ve got the time, you should check out Young Justice and Green Lantern though. They’re way better. =P

          • Oh, I love Young Justice. Such a good show. I have to get caught up though.

  • 7thHanyou

    Weird double standard.

    My girlfriend and I were talking today about Whaling, and how averse some people are to it.  I mean, people react really strongly, like it’s killing a child.  Those same people will chow down on Turkey for Thanksgiving.

    Oh, we can talk at length about protecting endangered species, etc. but killing an animal for food is killing an animal for food.

    • AxletheBeast

      Yeah… I definitely agree with you here. Also, hilariously, regarding the double standard… it got better in the next episode. I’ll post about it tomorrow I think.