Oddities in Thundercats episode “The Pit”

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Alright, so uh… yeah. Thundercats is being kinda bizarre again. You’ll recall a few days ago I made another post about Thundercats, complaining about WilyKat and WilyKit’s total inability to hunt for food because they didn’t want to kill cute things, but total willingness to beat the crap out of a predator. Well the episode after that, “The Pit”, is um… also really weird. Mostly because of WilyKat and WilyKit. Again.

I WILL BE FAIR. This was a pretty good episode overall. My only big issue was actually just how Lion-O made another rash stupid decision even though he’s supposed to have gone through a bunch of leadership trials and crap recently… but, eh, he’s young. What I’m posting about this time is actually much more minor.

The main one is, again, WilyKat and WilyKit. Immediately upon entering the shady-looking dog people town, they run off even though they’re told it’s dangerous. They promptly get their stuff stolen by a (better) pickpocket. He was actually a great character, a “kleptovoyant”, who doesn’t know why he wants to steal something, but it always comes in handy later.

The problem is the lighthearted theft-related shenanigans he and the kids get into, which pretty strongly imply that it’s… okay and funny to steal? WilyKat and WilyKit also specifically justify their pickpocketing ways by saying they needed to in order to survive. I would have no problem with these in a fictional story if not for THE LAST EPISODE, in which WilyKat and WilyKit refuse to hunt for food to survive. But stealing is okay, even though that pretty much objectively does more harm.

Lion-O totally knew there was going to be shenanigans, because he sent Snarf to watch over them:

I didn’t have any pictures of the kids from this episode.

Again, aside from that, the episode was actually pretty dang good. It’s a small gripe anyway, and it’s only an issue because of the previous episode, so honestly maybe I should just be blaming that one.

Although there was this guy:

This robot dude fights by throwing his head around. I know he’s a wacky monster/robot (kinda unclear), and he’s not supposed to make a lot of sense, but I still want to point out that… using your head as a weapon is a really, really bad idea.

The only way this works is if he is a robot, and his actual processor or whatever passes for his brain or control unit isn’t actually in his head at all, and is actually in his torso or something. Then, yeah, it works.

I dunno. Probably putting too much thought into it. He does feel like something out of the classic Thundercats series, which is cool. And he’s neat looking. Also that Doberman guy in the first image is pretty awesome.

Pumyra was hot, at any rate:

I think I’m noticing a trend here.

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