Honoring Manga Jolene (Phantom Hourglass)

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I don’t know exactly what this is. It’s a weird post. Basically I just want to reiterate and make a point out of something I said in my article today on Zelda Dungeon: Jolene is really hot. But only in the manga. In the game she just looks… really really weird, mostly because her face is stylized (although ironically I made a Mii out of her on my 3DS… I might post it sometime if anyone’s interested).

People talk about pretty or sexy characters in Zelda all the time — male and female — but I think Jolene from the manga is one that never gets talked about, yet she’s so cute!

I know, I’m obsessive and male. Shut up. Here’s some more pictures of here:

Image recycled from my article on ZD.net

Got the scans of the manga from ZD’s gallery, although they got it from GlitterBerri. It’s Chapter 10: The Piratess Jolene. *coughbestchapterinthebookcough* *coughexceptnotreallycough*

While we’re at it, there’s also Astrid from the same manga:

Sorry for creeping you out, everyone. I won’t promise it will never happen again.

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  • Setterwind

    I’m kinda curious to see what your Jolene Mii looks like on 3DS now.

    • A’ight, then I’ll upload it and maybe a few of the others on… Sunday, then. (I’ve got something planned for Saturday.)

      • Setterwind


  • Din Akera

    lol, this does not creep me out in the slightest. However, I think Naburoo is the hottest of the females in that line of types of females. I’d probably pick Midna over all but. Why am I telling you this, you know this. kthxbai