I see what you did there Muramasa

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So I recently picked up Muramasa: The Demon Blade again and finished Kisuke’s storyline. As ever, I find this game incredible. Amazing soundtrack, amazing visuals, great gameplay. Nice difficulty too. I’ve been playing on Shura (hard mode) and it’s been just right. So anyway, I completed Kisuke’s story, so now I’m moving on and doing Momohime’s story.

And there was some hilarity during Act 2 I thought: Momohime’s second level is a brothel.

I always find it funny when someone tries to censor something without taking out any of the elements that make it painfully obvious what’s really going on. In this case, I don’t think the creators of Muramasa were trying to censor it so much as failed to make it clear due to how lacking the dialogue in this game can be. But yeah, regardless of the reason for being so vague, it totally was and it was also a brothel.

Kinda funny because there were a lot of lines hinting at it without ever explicitly stating it:

“I don’t like places full of humans. Such endless desire brings so much gloom.” -Kongiku

“No time for a little fun? I wonder what my old favorite Asagiri is doing now.” -Jinkuro

“It’s not right for you to enter such a place.” -Kongiku

“The popular girls still give me the cold shoulder, even when I buy a lot of drinks.” -Some random shmuck

“It’s customary for women to be sold here…” -Rankai (rest of quote is irrelevant)

Couple that to the fact that the awesome song (GO LISTEN) for this area is called “Womanizing” and well… It’s kind of obvious. I just find it funny that they never actually stated it.

There’s also the fact that the boss of the brothel, Wanyudo, looks like this:

Alright then.

Here’s a video of the dialogue sequences and boss fight. It’s also my screenshot source for this post.

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