Axle vs. Kingdom Hearts 3D [4]: Pranking Whales is Not Smart

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Words of wisdom right there.

So it’s been a while since I last wrote about my run through Kingdom Hearts 3D. While I did stop playing for a little while, I’ve still made a lot of progress since then, so I’ll try to run through as much as I can here. After I completed Lela City of Clockses dfsfgnfd (no idea how to spell it still, without looking at it anyway), I went straight to The Grid, my most anticipated world in this game. I entered with Sora first, but my Drop Gauge was almost empty and I had the “weather” where all the enemies are super tough, so after getting battered around for a while, I drop and enter with Riku.

Yay for Dive Mode bosses, by the way. I was a little worried (read: I was terrified) that Gigabyte Mantis… excuse me, “Commantis” (I hate the English names for the Dream Eater bosses)… would just be a Dive Mode boss, but no, he’s Riku’s main boss for the world. Goooooood.

Immediately I liked Riku’s total integration into the plot of Tron: Legacy. He basically runs through the whole movie (though abridged) throughout his romp through The Grid, and it was handled really nicely.

So of course Riku, being the badass, is the only one who gets to do the Lightcycle minigame. Awesome music and then time to Lightcycle Commantis in the face. He retreats of course, so I guess we’ll come back to that later. Sora goes on a quest to save his buddy — d’awww — and ends up fighting him in one of the hardest fights of the entire series. Jesus, Rinzler was a rough battle though. I died a time or two against Commantis, too, but nowhere near as much as I did against Rinzler.

The Grid was a little, erm, empty? It was definitely a bunch of empty, identical-looking hallways at points, so it’s a little hard to get a feel for and to navigate. It doesn’t look as much like a real area you’re traversing and instead a uniform maze. Maybe that was the point. Either way, it’s not bad. I really enjoyed the world, but it might be the worst-made thus far (which isn’t saying much). Still very sad that they didn’t get Jeff Bridges to play Flynn and CLU, though.

Then of course I went to the world after which this post is themed, Prankster’s Paradise. I’ve actually never seen Pinocchio, so this was my first experience with the story outside of Kingdom Hearts games. It was cool. Not really my style, but the opening park area had some awesome Flowmotion opportunities, and the rest of it was cool. Was a little surprised to hear some old songs from previous games in the series here, for Sora’s midway encounter in the trapeze, and for most of Riku’s portion in Monstro. But it’s nice; the series has a lot of great songs, and while I think Kingdom Hearts 3D introduced some of the series’ new best, it’s nice to hear some gems from older games.

The clown scares me.

I liked having Monstro a lot, too. Having both characters explore completely different areas was cool. As usual, I like the distinctions between both characters’ scenarios.

Anyway, ridiculous underwater portion for Sora, then battle time. Riku gets a fairly easy fight against Char Clawbster, but Sora had to fight the ridiculously tricky Chill Clawbster. Oy. Very emo ending to this world for Sora, too, just like with The Grid. Sora keeps going through separation stories, almost. It’s kind of interesting seeing Riku with what seems to be a lighter storyline for parts of the game while Sora is getting the darker portions, with him seemingly having to face Vanitas, losing Tron, and watching what happened in Prankster’s Paradise.

And now it’s time to revisit Traverse Town! Yay! I love the characters from The World Ends With You, and since I’ve never played the game just like I’ve never seen Pinocchio, this game remains my only experience with them. I loved seeing all the characters again and getting more story on Traverse Town; it’s one of the coolest areas of the game and OH MY GOD SPELLICAN!


This bugger summons Hockomonkey, Wargoyle, and Char Clawbster for rematches against Sora, and man it’s brutal fighting them in the tiny 3rd District battlefield. This took me more tries than Rinzler did! Brutal.

…Oh and apparently I’m going to fight him again. Joy. Still fun though.

Well, I’ll keep you guys posted! And I’ll finish up blogging my Darksiders playthrough as well!

(Credit to Kingdom Hearts Wiki for the images.)

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  • JuicieJ

    I absolutely love the Grid. It’s easily my favorite place in KH3D, and Rinzler is just an amazing fight.