Axle vs. Pokemon White: Unintentionally dirty… and hilarious!

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Forewarning, this post contains stuff that’s… really immature.

Basically I was playing Pokemon White and I was fighting some random wild Pokemon for experience. Nothing unusual. One of the Pokemon I was focusing on leveling at the time was Adamantite, my male Roggenrola. A female Audino appeared — which was cool because Audino give lots of experience — but then something hilarious happened. You know those jokes where someone names their Metapod after a certain male body part and has him use Harden? Yeah I had one of those moments… except it was completely unintentional.

You see, the Audino had higher speed so it went first:

Audino used Attract
Adamantite is in love with Audino
Adamantite used Harden

I pretty much laughed out loud.

And to boot, I stuck it out and won the battle even though my Pokemon was charmed, and then Adamantite leveled up. He could learn a new move, which was Iron Defense, and since it was a better version of Harden, I replaced it.

In other words… Adamantite lost the ability to get Hard after defeating his crush.

(Credit goes to Jefelin on Spriters Resource for the sprites.)

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  • That is actually pretty hilarious. lol

  • I lol’d so hard.

  • Setterwind

    O…M….G!  That is retarded but so funny too xD

  • Squall

    … Oh dear God. Win. XD