Curiosity Shop #101: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag

I posted Curiosity Shop #101 on Zelda Dungeon earlier today. Had to take a bit of a break from it because I had a cold… on top of my previous flu. Yeah, fun. Anyway this is the first normal mailbag since the epically long #100. I answered 12 questions on a variety of topics, old and new. It’s kind of a typical mailbag experience, so I guess it proves that while some things have changed with the mailbag… nothing has. You can watch it here!

Song Spotlight: Silent Madness (Castlevania 64)

It’s inherently funny for a song to have the word “silent” in its name, but either way I wanted to feature one of my favorite spooky gaming songs for the Song Spotlight for October: Silent Madness from Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Castlevania 64?! That game is terrible!”

Actually, I’m a fan of Castlevania 64. Before you stop reading this post in anger, at least appreciate the song. Bad game or not, it has it’s moments. This is definitely one of its moments. So click here or continue reading to check out this moment.

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Creature Spotlight: Elvoret (Final Fantasy VIII)

For the second creature spotlight of October I’d like to cover a bit of an oddball, the Elvoret from Final Fantasy VIII. Not necessarily an favorite creature of all-time for me, but a really interesting one and a great one for Halloween. This creature was really iconic for me, because when I first played Final Fantasy VIII, I didn’t have a freaking memory card and the Elvoret battle was about as far as I could get in a single sitting. That probably sounds hilariously sad, but it’s the reason that the Elvoret and the boss music you fight it to are one of my most-remembered gaming moments. Continue reading

Majora’s Mask Dungeons: Woodfall Temple

For October, I’m going to be covering Majora’s Mask next on Axle’s Dungeon Reflections, and I just posted the first one today. My review of the Woodfall Temple is pretty lengthy and detailed, but hopefully it’s entertaining. Wrote this at the last minute again. Haha. I also couldn’t remember this game’s dungeons terribly well right now, for whatever reason, so I’m replaying Majora’s Mask again to make sure I’m refreshed. Still fun, of course. I might make a practice of doing this with Axle’s Dungeon Reflections in general from now on. Anyway, you can read it here.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Impressions

Finally here’s that Kingdom Hearts 3D video! It’s not a first impressions, but more like a midway impressions. I definitely have a lot of good things to say about the game, but I have a handful of criticisms as well. I haven’t finished the game yet so my eventual review may differ. There is also a lot of humor in the video, and in my humble opinion it’s one of my best videos ever. Enjoy, and be sure to tell me your thoughts on the video and the game! You can watch the video here or check out the video embed after the jump.

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Creature Spotlight: Warrior Bug (Starship Troopers)

I’ll be featuring 7 monsters that I love for Halloween as part of the new Creature Spotlight, and the first up is the Warrior Bug caste of the Arachnids from the Starship Troopers movies. Silly films, but lots of fun, and such great creatures!

The name “Arachnid” is ridiculously misleading, because they don’t really look like spiders. The book the movies are based on actually acknowledges this and calls them “Pseudo-Arachnids”, saying they’re basically their own category. Then again, the book also claims the bugs are as intelligent as humans, so it’s clearly just propaganda; frankly I find the idea of a bug that thinks offensive.

Anyway, intelligent bugs are cool but I still love the bestial hive-mind guys in the films. They remain my favorite bug monsters in anything, and while there are tons of interesting designs for the different castes, none are as pure as the standard Warriors. Would you like to know more?

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Rationalizing Zelda Bosses

I just posted a video up on Zelda Dungeon about Zelda bosses, and more or less talking about what they are or what role they play. I go pretty in-depth and have a few theories and categories, so you should watch the video if you want details. This is a continuation of the monster theme I’m doing with my Zelda Dungeon videos for October. You can watch the video here.

Playlist Update

New playlist! This one’s heavily October themed to go with the rest of the posts on the site. There were a couple of songs that didn’t work (mainly from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Silent Hill), but there’s still some cool spooky stuff on here from other games. Not every song is creepy, but I think most of them are at least seasonal! Check it out! There’s 17 songs total. Continue reading for the tracklist and a bigger playlist embed if you don’t like my sidebar for some reason (what is wrong with you?).

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Song Spotlight: Diablo II’s Spider Cavern Theme

Diablo II has an amazing soundtrack in general, with some intimidating atmospheric tunes that befit its demon-infested environments (meaning, obviously, that the amount they need to be intimidating to sell the setting is “pretty darn”). Plenty of the songs, while great, never stood out to me in particular, but the song I’m going to be talking about is different, because I’d place it somewhere in my top 5 songs of the soundtrack. I would also award it the title of Diablo II’s creepiest song, which is why we’re featuring it for October!

I am talking about none other than the theme that plays in the Spider Cavern, found in the overrun jungles of Kurast. It’s a place that, as we’re about to discuss, is horrifying for reasons other than the fact that its most common foe is called “Fetish”. Let’s have a listen:

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Favorite Zelda Moments: The Death Sword Appears

Earlier today I posted an editorial over on Zelda Dungeon in place of the mailbag (which I was unable to do because I’m sick), another one of my Favorite Zelda Moments editorials, this time a Halloween-relevant one about the Death Sword’s appearance in Twilight Princess. This has always been one of my favorite Zelda moments, so I thought I’d discuss it in time for Halloween since it’s so spooky. You can read it here.

I’ve also always love the Death Sword’s music. So honestly, you should just consider this a Song Spotlight, too. I’m being a cheapskate today. It’s okay, I hate me too.

So what did you think of the Death Sword? Did you think it was scary, or that its appearance had good atmosphere? Tell me in the comments!