Oh god, so busy lately…

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Hey guys. I know I haven’t been that active on anything except Zelda Dungeon. Zelda Dungeon is partially at fault for that. Haha, I’m joking. I’ve been occupied with a lot of work. Recently was helping someone move, for one, and as a result of that (and if I’m being honest, some laziness beforehand), I had a lot of backlogged work to get through regarding my responsibilities on Zelda Dungeon. Particularly with the featured articles I run. Either way, things are beginning to ease off now, so expect things to pick up again here and on my personal channel.

If you’re curious, here’s a list of some of the crap I’ve been working on off the top of my head — some of which I still have to finish — in no particular order:

  • Zelda Dungeon videos and mailbags
  • Write an article for ZD this month
  • Make backlogged featured article buttons
  • Go through backlogged Article Center applications on the ZD forums
  • Edit lots of articles
  • Organize Mafia games on ZD forums
  • Complete lots of unfinished story page projects on ZD
  • Resume tweeting my Pokemon White playthrough
  • Backlogged podcasts that need to be uploaded to YouTube
  • Do a bunch of segments for ZD’s podcast in advance
  • Go through tons of old messages
  • Begin posting on my website, channel, and social networking pages again (LOL)
  • Wheeee. But yeah, getting through some of it, moving at a good pace, and now making some time to return to my personal projects. Expect more and more frequent updates, articles, videos, and etc.

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    • Randomness

      That’s a lot of stuff you need to work on! I hope it all goes good!

    • Setterwind

      WOW! You HAVE been busy. Slow down yo. 🙂 Breathe.

    • Din Akera

      >.> <.< *Is sorry about the podcast stuff adding to the pile of work…* But you only have one left!! 8D