Where have I been? Monsters, my friend.

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Eh… you know if I’m honest I’m fairly disappointed with a lot of my work in the past. Even over short periods of time — including the last 10 months the time since I last wrote anything meaningful on this site — I’ve learned quite a bit about writing and entertaining, and as a result, I think most of what I’ve written in the past really pales in comparison to what I can write now. A good example would be this article. Oh, I’m still glad I wrote it, and I even still agree with a lot of it. But trying to write it from the angle of some kind of analysis was probably silly; when it comes down to it, video games have always had options for playing as beasties every so often, and mostly in that article I was just whining about how often.

Where am I going with this? Not anywhere, exactly. That article itself relates to what I want to talk about, but the rest of that last paragraph was a tangent.

…I started this post with a tangent.

I’ve learned quite a bit about writing and entertaining…”

Alright. So this is basically a short blog/real-life/slash/offbeat thought I wanted to write a post on. Or, perhaps you’d better just take it as an update on what went on with me during The Great Darkness.

I’m sure most of you noticed I dropped off the face of the earth… I mean… this website… and only posted on Zelda Dungeon and a little bit on Pokemon Dungeon. Part of that was actually because of that whole Halloween event I did around October. Because, to be frank, I did not plan that out at all and just did it on a whim, so basically every day of that month I was writing anywhere between one and three posts and had minimal free time as a result. It sort of exhausted me, so when it was all done I didn’t want to write for the site anymore for a while, even though writing normally wasn’t nearly as bad as that October craziness. Irrational? Yes. Yes it was.

The other part of why I disappeared was League of Legends.

I’ve talked before about how involved I was with the MOBA genre since before it transcended the RTS modding community and became popular for stand-alone games, and also about how much DotA I played back during the WarCraft III days. So… really I knew ahead of time that I was going to get sucked into League and that it was going to consume my life to a greater or lesser degree. What pleasantly surprised me is that a high degree of its playable characters are not just normal guys or creepy people, but complete monsters. So, yeah, basically immediately after Halloween, during which I whined about not being allowed to play enough monsters, I got absorbed with a game with tons of playable monsters. Irony? Is that you?

Only a month or two prior to joining League of Legends, my still-favorite character was released, a flippin’ mantis bug assassin who takes after Scyther of Pokemon and the Xenomorphs from Alien, devouring and evolving new adaptations for combat mid-match. Kha’Zix the Voidreaver. I also quickly fell in love with his fellow Void creatures, Cho’Gath, the spike shooting, ground-pounding, enemy-devouring Violator knock-off, and Kog’Maw, the adorable yet terrifying walking bugle horn that vomits his stomach fluids everywhere. I was also wowed by the likes of other inhuman or otherwise diabolical characters, like a werewolf, evil jester, crystal scorpion, shadow entity, scarecrow, gravedigging zombie, and a rotting troll.

Life was good, man. Have I ever been so happy to be a hypocrite? I don’t think so!

Life got even sweeter when Thresh — the ghostly evil trenchcoat-wearing chain-wielding soul torturing guy — was released earlier this year, and I’ve been pretty hooked — ahaha, that’s a joke you won’t get unless you play League! — playing him ever since, even if he isn’t my favorite (that’s still Kha’Zix). I’m actually going to dedicate an entire post to him — perhaps as the start of a “Character Spotlight” of sorts? — because my experience playing Thresh was pretty profound and actually impacted how I look at supportive roles in RPGs and strategy games in general.

So… really this is just a bit of a personal blog post, an update on what’s been going on. Other than that… Let this be a lessen to you: If you look, there are always options in video games for playing as awesome monsters, and if you ever feel that good ol’ “monster itch”, just play League of Legends! [/shame] Here, I’ll shamelessly give you my referral signup link so you can give me freebies when you join if you feel so inclined! [shame]

All hail monsters!

(Credit to League of Legends Wiki for the images.)

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  • Din Akera

    Looks like monsters are the best thing right now!