New ZD Article and Editorial + Mailbag

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Just finished a new article on Zelda Dungeon, Zelda Overworlds: Learning From Other Series, where I discuss flaws in some of Zelda’s overworlds and how they can be improved by learning from other game series. I’ve been planning this article for a little while, and I’m really happy with how it came out!

I also did the third Ocarina of Time Dungeons editorial earlier this week, covering Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. And finally there was a new mailbag.

Look forward to tonight and tomorrow, because I’ve got some original posts planned!

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  • Zelda_1224

    Axel, you dont have many people comment on your website, do you

    • It’s a new site, so it’s still building. It’s been a lot more lately though. I also get a lot more on original stuff, as opposed to the links to my stuff on other sites.

  • JuicieJ

    I think Rage also has a good transportation overworld Zelda could learn from.