What’s all this, then?

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Hey there everyone. I’m giving this site it’s first launch. This is AxletheBeast.com and it will be (as the name vaguely suggests) my personal website from here on out. Primarily, it will serve as a blog and news site for my stuff. I’ll probably post about stuff I’m doing on other sites I go to, such as link to my videos and articles on Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon, as well as post notifications about new stuff on my YouTube channel and deviantART.

More importantly, though, I intend to post up original stuff on here as well. There’ve been a lot of articles, reviews, and other thoughts I’ve wanted to put out somewhere other than a forum post, and I thought a blog (or a site in a blog format) would be an excellent way to do that. So uh… here it is!

Site’s still being set up, and honestly even once it’s “done” being set up I’ll probably be tinkering with it a lot. So you get to be here during the awkward teenage years when the site goes through puberty. 8D

Real quick, want to give some serious thanks to David Van Komen of Zelda Dungeon and Pokemon Dungeon for helping me out set this site up. I’m not very competent with this website stuff so I really appreciate his help, and you should too.

Unless you hate me, at which point you should flame him.

I’m kidding, don’t do that.

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  • You’re welcome. I hope that you can get a pretty good following here as I think that you totally can.

  • Axle’s Afro

    We need a perm

  • A blog about yourself? Challenge accepted, Mr. Beast. Ultimatum undertaken…


  • Majora’s Cat


  • Fapfapfapfapfapfapfap


  • Axle, your a typo Nazi.   why did you put then and not than?

  • Setterwind

    This is awesome that you kinda have your own site and whatnot.  I’ll enjoy stalking it 🙂  I love you!….uhhh was that awkward? LOL 😛

    • AxletheBeast

      Not even. Thanks Setter. 🙂