Creature Spotlight: Dark Thorn

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Heartless since the first day I saw them. There was a brief period of my life sometime long after Kingdom Hearts had come out, where I started looking up all the different Heartless that existed at the time and became mildly obsessed with them. This was what made me scramble to finally pick up the series for the first time. Yes, my life revolves around monsters this much.

Then Kingdom Hearts II came around and introduced even more Heartless, but I didn’t like a lot of them quite as much because they seemed more simplistic and silly overall. There were plenty of gems in there, though, and among them is my favorite Heartless of the entire series and one of my top monsters of all-time: Dark Thorn. I know there’s a gaggle of literally Halloween-themed Heartless thanks to Halloween Town, but excluding them, I think Dark Thorn is easily the most Halloweeny Heartless because of his gothic feel and location in Beast’s Castle. Let’s have a closer look at this guy:

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Creature Spotlight: Scaldera

What’s this? A Zelda-themed post that isn’t a link to Zelda Dungeon? I wanted to feature one of my favorite Zelda monsters, and a post like this wouldn’t really fit in over there, so here you go. Scaldera, boss of the Earth Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. During all the pre-release info about the game, I saw Scaldera and thought he was going to be awesome. I ended up predicting that he would be one of my favorites of the game… and in the end the only boss I enjoyed more was Lord Ghirahim. But Ghirahim isn’t a monster! Scaldera is! Clearly this was not obvious enough to prevent me from saying it! Continue reading

Creature Spotlight: Doppelganger (Dungeons & Dragons)

Dungeons & Dragons might be a pen and paper RPG, but given the whole dungeon-crawling aspect, it’s also a game about monsters (this is clearly an unbiased statement). There are tons of creatures for your Game Master to pit you against in the game, and a huge amount of artwork depicting them. I’d like to bring up one of my favorites: the Doppelganger.

Actually, you can also play as a doppelganger character in the game, but at least according to the rules I was playing by, it wasn’t permitted unless the character received huge penalties. I’m still very sore about this, even though I haven’t played in a while. I have no idea if that’s true of all other rulesets or not, because quite frankly I’m the guy in the campaign who’s always asking “…how do I do that?”, so if any of you out there are experienced with pen and paper RPGs, please tell me if there’s a reasonable way for me to play as a doppelganger in like… any of them. I have a burning need to be able to play as this. Anyway. Back to the doppelganger itself.

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Creature Spotlight: Elvoret (Final Fantasy VIII)

For the second creature spotlight of October I’d like to cover a bit of an oddball, the Elvoret from Final Fantasy VIII. Not necessarily an favorite creature of all-time for me, but a really interesting one and a great one for Halloween. This creature was really iconic for me, because when I first played Final Fantasy VIII, I didn’t have a freaking memory card and the Elvoret battle was about as far as I could get in a single sitting. That probably sounds hilariously sad, but it’s the reason that the Elvoret and the boss music you fight it to are one of my most-remembered gaming moments. Continue reading

Creature Spotlight: Warrior Bug (Starship Troopers)

I’ll be featuring 7 monsters that I love for Halloween as part of the new Creature Spotlight, and the first up is the Warrior Bug caste of the Arachnids from the Starship Troopers movies. Silly films, but lots of fun, and such great creatures!

The name “Arachnid” is ridiculously misleading, because they don’t really look like spiders. The book the movies are based on actually acknowledges this and calls them “Pseudo-Arachnids”, saying they’re basically their own category. Then again, the book also claims the bugs are as intelligent as humans, so it’s clearly just propaganda; frankly I find the idea of a bug that thinks offensive.

Anyway, intelligent bugs are cool but I still love the bestial hive-mind guys in the films. They remain my favorite bug monsters in anything, and while there are tons of interesting designs for the different castes, none are as pure as the standard Warriors. Would you like to know more?

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