Song Spotlight: Hilltop Mausoleum (MediEvil)

Time for the last post of my Octobering spree. I know it’s a bit late, but come on, it’s Halloween! If you’re not still up, you’re not a Halloween person. Yes, that is a type of person.

I bring you one of the greatest Halloween songs in gaming. The theme of the Hilltop Mausoleum from MediEvil, a game that in my eyes embraces the Halloween spirit in full force. This song, along with another from the game, showed up on the October playlist, and while I’m featuring that version too, I’d also like to talk about the mostly improved, orchestrated version that shows up in the remake. I complain about MediEvil: Resurrection a lot (and you’ll definitely be hearing about that at some point), but one thing it did not fail at was the music. These are epic, orchestral re-imaginings of the original soundtrack, which is a dream come true when you realize that the creators originally wanted an orchestral sound, but were sadly limited by the PlayStation’s hardware. This is what it was always supposed to be: Continue reading

Song Spotlight: Shade Man’s Theme

Yeah that’s right, a Mega Man song for one of my October Spotlights. Mega Man 7, despite the criticism it gets from the fans of the 8-bit Mega Man games, was one of my favorite games for a long time and out of all the levels found within, I don’t think any appealed to me more than Shade Man’s. I remember when I finally beat the first four Robot Masters in the game, it came as a surprise to me to see there were four new ones, and at the time I thought they were all immeasurably cooler than the first ones. I might have liked Slash Man better at the time, but as a fully-grown lover of the creepy, I now understand how misguided that was.

So in order to make up for that youthful transgression, I’m going to write a short post about his stage theme, one of the neater songs for me in my Super Nintendo days. Check it out here or keep reading for the embed.

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Song Spotlight: Silent Madness (Castlevania 64)

It’s inherently funny for a song to have the word “silent” in its name, but either way I wanted to feature one of my favorite spooky gaming songs for the Song Spotlight for October: Silent Madness from Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Castlevania 64?! That game is terrible!”

Actually, I’m a fan of Castlevania 64. Before you stop reading this post in anger, at least appreciate the song. Bad game or not, it has it’s moments. This is definitely one of its moments. So click here or continue reading to check out this moment.

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Song Spotlight: Diablo II’s Spider Cavern Theme

Diablo II has an amazing soundtrack in general, with some intimidating atmospheric tunes that befit its demon-infested environments (meaning, obviously, that the amount they need to be intimidating to sell the setting is “pretty darn”). Plenty of the songs, while great, never stood out to me in particular, but the song I’m going to be talking about is different, because I’d place it somewhere in my top 5 songs of the soundtrack. I would also award it the title of Diablo II’s creepiest song, which is why we’re featuring it for October!

I am talking about none other than the theme that plays in the Spider Cavern, found in the overrun jungles of Kurast. It’s a place that, as we’re about to discuss, is horrifying for reasons other than the fact that its most common foe is called “Fetish”. Let’s have a listen:

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Song Spotlight: Plant 42 from Resident Evil

Another Song Spotlight! But this time, not as an excuse to not post something else; there will be another post later today. I want to cover another Resident Evil song like I did last time, and again this is going to go over more than one version of the song, though in this case there’s only two and it should be a lot briefer.

Plant 42 is a boss in the first Resident Evil game and its remake. It’s a gigantic creature that mutated from an unknown plant, and it dominates a huge portion of the Residence/Guardhouse area. I want to compare the original and remake versions, so here, have a listen:

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Song Spotlight: Resident Evil Save Room Themes

Since it’s October and I effing love Halloween, I’m going to be covering season-relevant topics as often as I can this month, so to start, how about a little more Resident Evil? For this Song Spotlight, I’d like to cover some of my favorite songs from the Resident Evil series, the safe room/save room themes.

I always thought these tunes were especially iconic and important in the Resident Evil games. Particularly in the games that used the old gameplay format, you’d always have one of these songs. They play in rooms — typically with typewriters (save points) and item storage boxes — where you’re safe from any enemies. The song is typically designed to fit that tone, to make you feel safer, but there’s some interesting variety between the different ones. Continue reading to check out a few that I thought were noteworthy.

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Song Spotlight: Theme of Ghost Rider (UMvC3)

Sorry I tend to disappear over the weekends. I’ll see if I can work out a schedule for doing posts on them more often, but in the meantime here’s something short to tide y’all over (because I know you guys totally just… like sit in front of the monitor waiting for me. At least that’s what I tell myself to keep living).

These Song Spotlights are going to be new posts I’ll be doing every so often, mainly when I feel like it or have a song I want to talk about (or need filler!), and you can also bet on other forms of Spotlight posts in the future.

So to start off our first Song Spotlight, I want to bring your attention to Theme of Ghost Rider from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Have a listen:

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