Song Spotlight: Plant 42 from Resident Evil

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Another Song Spotlight! But this time, not as an excuse to not post something else; there will be another post later today. I want to cover another Resident Evil song like I did last time, and again this is going to go over more than one version of the song, though in this case there’s only two and it should be a lot briefer.

Plant 42 is a boss in the first Resident Evil game and its remake. It’s a gigantic creature that mutated from an unknown plant, and it dominates a huge portion of the Residence/Guardhouse area. I want to compare the original and remake versions, so here, have a listen:

The original version of the Plant 42 theme is a personal favorite song of mine in the Resident Evil series. The original Resident Evil had a lot of dorky action songs that broke the atmosphere of the rest of the soundtrack (though not nearly as badly as its awful voice-acting did), but the Plant 42 theme was not one of them. It’s definitely an action song, but it’s a little unsettling, intimidating, slow-paced enough to work, and very unique.

Most of the songs in the Resident Evil remake are pretty faithful to the original soundtrack, and in some cases, like with the Safe Room theme, they’re decidedly better. However, neither is the case with the new version of the Plant 42 theme:

The song’s definitely got a little more of the dark, horror sound to it, but it’s a poor replacement for the original. I can sort of understand them dropping certain aspects of the song so it would fit in with the rest of the remake’s soundtrack, but it still could have been made a lot more faithful. As it is now, it doesn’t even resemble the original unless you really strain to here it, and that’s a shame because I love the original, and something close to it could have fit.

I also feel like this is a case of modernizing soundtracks to just be dramatic and not really great songs on their own, but that’s not really a criticism I want to use too seriously because the Resident Evil remake really does have a great soundtrack aside from one or two instances like this. Either way, once again, they didn’t need to sacrifice so much of the song to make it work in a horror game and be dramatic.

How about you guys? Did you ever really notice the Plant 42 theme in either game? Which version do you like better?

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