Picture Spotlight: Favorite Thresh Fanart

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Didn’t manage to update during this here Thresh-o-Ween event as much as I’d have liked, but we can still end October off with something cool, and I still intend to do a few more things at the beginning of November, even if I’m late!

As I’ve already written, he was an awesome character that changed my perception of the support class in video games, but in addition to that, he was a highly requested character archetype by League of Legends fans; an evil support, so it’s no surprised he’s highly loved and there’s a lot of fanart of him! These are my favorites! Artists will be credited.

Thresh” by Inkinesss (deviantART) (Tumblr)

Starting off, we’ve got this aptly named, adorable piece by the same artist who did the preview image of this spotlight. Both are really cute and great pieces of digital art, but I chose to feature this one as it centers completely on Thresh. Inkinesss has drawn a lot of Thresh fanart, so I recommend checking their stuff out. As for this one… it’s excellently done, silly, and cute as hell. My only complaint is the ghosts are happy. Why are they happy being imprisoned?

Thresh – League of Legends” by 0127 (deviantART)

Ah, now here we go. Had to get the cute one out of the way, but this one captures the way Thresh oughta be quite nicely. It’s fierce-looking, got a cool pose, and has really cool coloring. Sadly there’s not much more I can say about it; it’s quite simple and it gets the point across! If there’s anything more that I can add, it’s that I really, really love the head in this one.

Thresh” by justduet (deviantART)

Justduet’s take on Thresh isn’t technically impressive — she says herself it’s just a doodle — but it’s one mighty doodle! I like this one a lot because in its simplicity it emphasizes the lighting and outlines a lot, and I think it ends up being really cool and atmospheric. Sometimes the simple sketches, doodles and speedpaints are surprisingly amazing! He’s kinda thin, and one of my favorite things about Thresh is how big a dude he is, but it’s still cool here and help makes it look more eerie as opposed to intimidating.

league of legends thresh” by DXSinfinite (deviantART)

This one’s not actually one of my personal, top favorites, because I’m typically a big fan of interesting styles over quality… but holy crap! This is probably the most technically impressive piece of Thresh artwork out there, and everything about it is flawless; the lines, the shading… it all looks great. Very realistic and fierce. This is the Thresh picture that makes him look a bit more like he’s going to cut you to bits rather than just pull you up to him with his scythe; clearly this is an illustration of AD or Bruiser Thresh!

League of Legends : Thresh Human ver” by SiaKim (deviantART)

Humanized versions of characters who aren’t actually human (or not anymore, in Thresh’s case) are kind of a slippery slope. I’m not a big fan of a lot of them, as people tend to just throw in similar colors or a couple familiar shapes and call it a day. The ones that are really cool, however, are the ones that pay attention not only to the big obvious aspects of the original design, but all of the subtleties and really try to imagine it in a full — tone, personality, and all — human form.

What I’m getting at is this piece definitely does that with Thresh. I could imagine Thresh looking a lot of different ways during his life, but this is probably at the top of the list. Making him handsome but deformed through injury is a great touch, and I love that SiaKim worked in his coat. I’m not too fond of his hooks still being present in his hair as a human, nor the collar, but they’re not big detractors either, and the rest of the design is so freakin’ great!

Sprite – League of Legends – Thresh” by Eviscus (deviantART)

Not much to say here! I’m a big fan of pixel art and a big fan of Thresh, so seeing a sprite-incarnation of Thresh is a pretty big deal for me! Eviscus pulled off a perfect Thresh sprite. I’d kill to see this animated or even with a full sheet of movements, but as it is, it’s an awesome bit of pixel art, and far better than any I’ve been able to make.

Thresh” by Artsed (deviantART)

Condescending Wonka is pretty much one of the best memes ever, and even if it’s not the most in-character, it was really hilarious when I saw this Threshy take on the meme by Artsed. The text on this one… it’s… it’s… that’s exactly what happens most of the time when I play Thresh! It’s so true that it cracked me up and I had to put it on the list. Artsed also did a blank version, and someday I might have to make a few of my own…

Thresh | League of Legends” by Jynxed-Art (deviantART) (Tumblr)

This is it: The big one; my single favorite piece of Thresh fanart ever. Oh, sure, it’s not as dark as some of the others… but I actually like how colorful it is quite a bit. It’s very interesting to look at and pleasing to the eye while still quite effectively portraying Thresh’s badassery. The Shadow Isles in the background is really eerie and pretty, and the concept of depicting Thresh actually leaving the Isles, Charon the Boatman-style, is really friggin’ cool. Bonus points for including an item from the game. It’s actually this piece’s fault that I try to build Twin Shadows on Thresh so often, even if it’s not actually an effective buy given the current situation that game! I’ve recently moved away from abusing Twin Shadows but… not before I bought it for absolutely no reason in the GenGame Tournament I did with my team Those Meddling Kids a few months back… I REGRET NOTHING.

Before I go, I’d like to briefly mention two ones that are really neat, but not quite my favorites… this glow in the dark Thresh Munny by tripled153, and this freaking Thresh x Sona fanart by SkitzOpheliac. The Munny is adorable and pretty well-made; probably the best Thresh doll or toy I’ve seen, and it’s awesome that it glows. And Thresh x Sona? At first the idea just made me question the world I live in… and then I thought about it. Sona’s already in a band with three Shadow Isles creatures of very, very questionable morality… so what would stop her from getting involved with Thresh? I dunno, it’s still a screwball pairing, but it somehow works in a silly kind of way, and either way this fanart represents the idea really well.

And that’s all for this time! There’ll be a few more late Thresh-o-Ween posts incoming over the next week or two, and maybe some Halloween-relevant but non-Thresh posts as well, and there will definitely be more Picture Spotlights in the future! Stay tuned, and tell me what you think of all this awesome fanart!

All artwork copyright their respective owners; check out their galleries and give them some love!

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  • JuicieJ

    I remember you telling me about that Wonka one a while back, but I never saw it. Now I’ve seen it!

  • Awesome pieces all around, and I really love that Human Thresh concept. I can see Riot actually making a Human Thresh skin someday with that design.

  • 0127

    Hello! I’m the artist of the 2nd Thresh pic, 0127 on deviantart and yeah I really want to thank you for the kind words! (the original post never got much attention but the reposts under credit always got a lot of it, so I google searched my own image and I stumbled upon this) I’m really out speechless actually and I hope you have a nice day!