Axle writes both original stories and fanfiction, which he posts on sites like deviantART and, but also posts them up on here. Below are all of the stories he has posted online.

First are the original stories, then the rest are listed according to the story they’re based on. Right below that are links to it on other sites if you want to check it out over there instead of on


Dissolution Chapter 1: Rebel Spirit
On deviantART
Supernatural Thriller

League of Legends

Cling Clang, Go the Chains
Nowhere else yet!
Supernatural Horror

The Legend of Zelda

Conflicting Dreams
On deviantARTOn
Supernatural, Link’s Awakening short fic

The Dead Bleed Penance
On deviantARTOn
Supernatural Drama, Majora’s Mask oneshot

The End of a Savage
On deviantARTOn
Drama, Twilight Princess oneshot

Maxwell the ChuChu
On deviantART
Humor, The Wind Waker oneshot

The Skyborn Judge
On deviantARTOn
Supernatural, speculative Skyward Sword short fic

The Mightiest Blow
On deviantARTOn
Drama, Ocarina of Time short fic

The Temple is Alive
On deviantARTOn
Horror, Ocarina of Time short fic

Twilight Successors
On deviantARTOn
Drama/Romance, Twilight Princess oneshot

Unfortunately Heroic Romance
On deviantART
Humor/Romance, Skyward Sword oneshot

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