My Top 10 Resident Evil Monsters

One thing I’ve always loved about the Resident Evil series is its monsters. I love monsters in general, so when I first played the original Resident Evil I was sad that it seemed like it only had zombies, something I’ve never particularly regarded as a monster, or at least not my kind of monster… Of course, as it turns out, the original had plenty of other monsters once you got later in, and the rest of the series has continued to include great creatures throughout (and this is actually one thing the modern Resident Evil games haven’t particularly let up on).

These are my top ten favorite monsters of the Resident Evil series. If I was judging purely on concept and creature design, the list might look a lot different (for example, Anubis from the first image over there would be on the list instead of being cut), but for this list I’m judging the monsters overall, including design, gameplay, and buildup. This won’t include anything from Resident Evil 6, but once I’ve played the game I may update the list if it’s needed. So here we go!

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