Playlist Update

New playlist! This one’s heavily October themed to go with the rest of the posts on the site. There were a couple of songs that didn’t work (mainly from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Silent Hill), but there’s still some cool spooky stuff on here from other games. Not every song is creepy, but I think most of them are at least seasonal! Check it out! There’s 17 songs total. Continue reading for the tracklist and a bigger playlist embed if you don’t like my sidebar for some reason (what is wrong with you?).

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Capcom, y u no Mega Man? Oh, nevermind

Uploaded another Mega Man video for Strange Talk? This video is not the timeline video I promised; I actually am bumping that to next week because of a discovery I made (which is addressed in this video). This video’s about Capcom’s odd treatment of the Mega Man series and what they are or aren’t doing about it now. You can watch the video here or continue reading to watch an embedded video. Continue reading