Axle vs. Darksiders [3]: Ulthane is Awesome

Again, it’s been a while! I’ll get back on blogging my run through this game now. So last time I cleared the Twilight Cathedral and had another talk with Samael in which War looked like he was going to kill Mark Hamil… I mean The Watcher… but didn’t (which I bet is going to bite him in the #*$ later). I acquired my “holy jeez yusssss you are so screwed” form (Chaos Form, which turns me into a large invincible demon for a short amount of time), and set off to find the “Black Hammer”, Ulthane. Bro has a nifty subtitle, whoever he is.

So I went through a brief yet extremely confusing industrial transition area in a tunnel, complete with a giant rotating fan… thing (at least it was confusing for me… both to figure out how to get through it and just in concept; what’s a giant fan… thing… doing there in a human city?), and moved on to the Drowned Pass. Instead of working my way through the enemies along the pathway and moving down to the water, I jumped straight in from the top, promptly making my navigation through this area way more confusing than it had to be! Eventually, after much pain, I made sense of it, found a bunch of secrets, killed all the bad goat men and fat exploding monster people, and moved on to Anvil’s Ford.

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Vlog: PS3 PokeHeartsiders Cards

So I finally did a new video for Strange Talk a day or two ago and forgot to post about it on here. But don’t worry! Here’s that post. Except you probably already saw it on YouTube. Whatever. It’s a video blog intended to update you guys on… well, what I’ve been up to lately, but more videos are incoming soon. A bit rambley, probably, sorry about that (though my vlogs might end up like this). I’ve got numerous videos planned in the near future though, and I’ll be posting about them here. You can continue reading to view the video embed or click here. Continue reading

Axle vs. Darksiders [2]: Ripping a Bat’s Heart Out

Moving on with Darksiders, I went past The Crossroads into the game’s hub area, the Scalding Gallow, where I fought a barking, mean dude called the Phantom General, evidently the leader of the oddly weak goat men I’ve been fighting. I say they’re oddly weak because the game threw tough Fleshbursters and Gholen at me right away, but held off on introducing the goat-men Phantom Guards unless later, even though the aforementioned enemies are far tougher than them.

Whatever. Met Samael, the kinda generic-looking demon dude who’s supposed to be able to tell me how to kill The Destroyer. He tells me I need to kill The Destroyer’s Chosen, tear their hearts out and bring them to him.

…Cheerful. Sounds legit. If you’re not familiar with Darksiders, the title of this post is probably making some sense now.

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So alongside playing Kingdom Hearts 3D, I recently acquired a PS3 and am digging into Darksiders. Playing both games side-by-side, I thought I’d blog my progress in both. Note that this is the original Darksiders; I’ll likely get to Darksiders II shortly after beating it.

Turned off game hints in options — hoping that doesn’t include basic control explanations and therefore bite me in the ass — and am starting the game on Apocalyptic difficulty at the get-go. Anyway, so the first thing I do is watch cool scenes while listening to a man with an epic voice — the epickiest of voices, really — narrate the backstory to me. Good times.

Cue gameplay, and demon hound people from… well, hell… are running at me while I try to figure out how to play. Familiarity with Devil May Cry made it easy to adapt, and soon I’m kicking butt. I mess around with button combinations and go demon form, but it’s a horrible time and it runs out around when I encounter some angels.

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