Thresh-o-Ween Roundup

Thresh-o-Ween didn’t go exactly how I planned what with the not posting more than four things about Thresh and nothing else either, but… well, if you’re young or something you can just take it as a life lesson about false promises I guess! Yeah, we’ll go with that. In all seriousness though, there will be more Thresh stuff at another date probably, maybe as part of a broader-themed October in the future. For now I wanted to roundup all the Thresh-o-Ween posts before moving onto new stuff, so if you missed anything, here you go:

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Picture Spotlight: Favorite Thresh Fanart

Didn’t manage to update during this here Thresh-o-Ween event as much as I’d have liked, but we can still end October off with something cool, and I still intend to do a few more things at the beginning of November, even if I’m late!

As I’ve already written, he was an awesome character that changed my perception of the support class in video games, but in addition to that, he was a highly requested character archetype by League of Legends fans; an evil support, so it’s no surprised he’s highly loved and there’s a lot of fanart of him! These are my favorites! Artists will be credited.

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Character Spotlight: Thresh the Chain Warden

So I kicked off a site event for October and cheesily named it “Thresh-o-Ween”, so who is Thresh? If you play League of Legends, you probably already know: Thresh is a playable character or “champion” in the game, traditionally performing the role of a support character but other times played as a tank or even an offensive tank or major damage dealer. He’s an all-around badass, being a scary ghost dude in a trenchcoat, carring a lantern, sickle and chains, while also being frankly a super tall dude.

Released during the first month of this year, Thresh instantly became on of my favorite champions to play. I mean, how could the guy not appeal to me immensely when I love villains, creepy monsters, and the undead? Even better, his skillset really appealed to me: A chain he can throw out to trap and reel in enemies, a throw-able lantern that shields allies and which they can also grab to get pulled back to him, the ability to do massive damage with just his regular attacks alone, and a bit freaking box made out of damaging walls he can trap enemies in. Suh-weet!

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Cling Clang, Go the Chains

We’re kicking off an October event I call Thresh-o-Ween — okay let’s face it this is just a Halloween event like last year, just with a little extra emphasis on my beloved Thresh, with a spooky fanfic I wrote in his honor. Of course it features his theme song, which I’ll talk about more next week. This League of Legends fanfic is basically appropriate for anyone as long as they aren’t easily scared, but there is some talk of blood and soul-draining, so be warned! Most about Thresh and other spooky things in the coming weeks!

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Where have I been? Monsters, my friend.

Eh… you know if I’m honest I’m fairly disappointed with a lot of my work in the past. Even over short periods of time — including the last 10 months the time since I last wrote anything meaningful on this site — I’ve learned quite a bit about writing and entertaining, and as a result, I think most of what I’ve written in the past really pales in comparison to what I can write now. A good example would be this article. Oh, I’m still glad I wrote it, and I even still agree with a lot of it. But trying to write it from the angle of some kind of analysis was probably silly; when it comes down to it, video games have always had options for playing as beasties every so often, and mostly in that article I was just whining about how often.

Where am I going with this? Not anywhere, exactly. That article itself relates to what I want to talk about, but the rest of that last paragraph was a tangent.

…I started this post with a tangent.

I’ve learned quite a bit about writing and entertaining…”

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