Song Spotlight: Shade Man’s Theme

Yeah that’s right, a Mega Man song for one of my October Spotlights. Mega Man 7, despite the criticism it gets from the fans of the 8-bit Mega Man games, was one of my favorite games for a long time and out of all the levels found within, I don’t think any appealed to me more than Shade Man’s. I remember when I finally beat the first four Robot Masters in the game, it came as a surprise to me to see there were four new ones, and at the time I thought they were all immeasurably cooler than the first ones. I might have liked Slash Man better at the time, but as a fully-grown lover of the creepy, I now understand how misguided that was.

So in order to make up for that youthful transgression, I’m going to write a short post about his stage theme, one of the neater songs for me in my Super Nintendo days. Check it out here or keep reading for the embed.

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Mega Man X Remix Album – Maverick Rising

So I’m a little late to the party, because this album came out about five months ago, but I still needed to bring this up because I’m sure plenty of people — especially my viewers — have yet to check it out. I recently downloaded the Maverick Rising album off OverClocked ReMix, and it’s an amazing collection of remixes of songs from the Mega Man X series. You are hereby ordered to download it now. Here’s the official site. It’s huge but totally worth it.

Honestly, amazing is an understatement. This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard off of OverClocked ReMix. Many of the songs are very true to the originals while still making the songs unique, and the ones that differ a lot do it well. Beyond that, the songs are arranged in albums themed after X, Zero, Vile, and Sigma, and the songs chosen for each not only fit the characters well, but portions of the story of the X series itself, turning into an amazing musical journey through the entire eight-game series. For a long-time Mega Man fan such as myself, this was an extremely emotional time for me! The album and disk art (the X disk art is the featured image) are also amazing, done by artist Dominic Ninmark.

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Capcom, y u no Mega Man? Oh, nevermind

Uploaded another Mega Man video for Strange Talk? This video is not the timeline video I promised; I actually am bumping that to next week because of a discovery I made (which is addressed in this video). This video’s about Capcom’s odd treatment of the Mega Man series and what they are or aren’t doing about it now. You can watch the video here or continue reading to watch an embedded video. Continue reading

Oppressive Atmosphere of Mega Man Zero’s Music

Since I’ll be uploading a video about Mega Man Zero (finally) later today, I thought I’d finally express some thoughts I’ve had since I started the first Zero game that are better conveyed in a post than in a video.

Bottom line is Mega Man Zero has a hella oppressive atmosphere. To begin with, the story is basically robot nazis; the Resistance you’re protecting is facing complete annihilation by a militaristic force that’s trying to create peace for humans, but not for Reploids (which you, and the Resistance, are). Robot Nazis. Furthermore, the game is HARD. Some difficulty in a game with a scary setting goes a surprisingly long way in making that scariness believable.

And then there’s the boss theme, Crash. Just give this beautiful beast a listen:

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