Great Gaming Moments: The First Zombie in Resident Evil

I’ve talked a lot about Resident Evil for October, but there’s one more thing I want to cover. It’s one of my favorite scenes from any Resident Evil game: The appearance of the first zombie. Not exactly gameplay, at least not right away, but it’s an extremely important moment for setting up the foe you’ll be facing the entire game, making it ultimately impact the game in an extremely significant way. And that’s the question every horror game needs to ask itself: How do you introduce the monster that will scare the player for the rest of the game? Well, this is how: Continue reading

So About Resident Evil 6…

Did another new video on Strange Talk! This one’s about Resident Evil 6. I did a bunch of articles before the game came out, covering my thoughts on the modern games and going over my favorite monsters of the series, but I haven’t posted anything about my thoughts on the game itself until now. My current experience with the game only comes from the demo, but considering the demo came out shortly before the game, I think it’s pretty much up to date. You can watch the video here or continue reading for the embed. Continue reading

Song Spotlight: Plant 42 from Resident Evil

Another Song Spotlight! But this time, not as an excuse to not post something else; there will be another post later today. I want to cover another Resident Evil song like I did last time, and again this is going to go over more than one version of the song, though in this case there’s only two and it should be a lot briefer.

Plant 42 is a boss in the first Resident Evil game and its remake. It’s a gigantic creature that mutated from an unknown plant, and it dominates a huge portion of the Residence/Guardhouse area. I want to compare the original and remake versions, so here, have a listen:

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Song Spotlight: Resident Evil Save Room Themes

Since it’s October and I effing love Halloween, I’m going to be covering season-relevant topics as often as I can this month, so to start, how about a little more Resident Evil? For this Song Spotlight, I’d like to cover some of my favorite songs from the Resident Evil series, the safe room/save room themes.

I always thought these tunes were especially iconic and important in the Resident Evil games. Particularly in the games that used the old gameplay format, you’d always have one of these songs. They play in rooms — typically with typewriters (save points) and item storage boxes — where you’re safe from any enemies. The song is typically designed to fit that tone, to make you feel safer, but there’s some interesting variety between the different ones. Continue reading to check out a few that I thought were noteworthy.

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My Top 10 Resident Evil Monsters

One thing I’ve always loved about the Resident Evil series is its monsters. I love monsters in general, so when I first played the original Resident Evil I was sad that it seemed like it only had zombies, something I’ve never particularly regarded as a monster, or at least not my kind of monster… Of course, as it turns out, the original had plenty of other monsters once you got later in, and the rest of the series has continued to include great creatures throughout (and this is actually one thing the modern Resident Evil games haven’t particularly let up on).

These are my top ten favorite monsters of the Resident Evil series. If I was judging purely on concept and creature design, the list might look a lot different (for example, Anubis from the first image over there would be on the list instead of being cut), but for this list I’m judging the monsters overall, including design, gameplay, and buildup. This won’t include anything from Resident Evil 6, but once I’ve played the game I may update the list if it’s needed. So here we go!

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A Decent Argument About Modern Resident Evil

I’m a classic Resident Evil fan who prefers the older games of the series, but even I can grudgingly admit that complaining about the series becoming action-oriented just on that basis alone — whether it’s a valid complaint or not — is little more than an appeal to personal preference; it isn’t going to convince anyone.

I do think it’s strange to have a series suddenly redefine itself, especially in such a way that it alienates its prior fanbase, but there are valid circumstances for such a thing, and it’s happened before in the video game industry. So rather than complain about that, I want to take the time to compose a decent argument about the problems present in the modern Resident Evil games (mainly Resident Evil 4 and 5) other than them simply not being horror games. Problems in the redefinition itself as well as in the games. I don’t hate the games, so I hope fans of the modern games are still reading and hear me out. After all, you’re always free to disagree.

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Resident Evil 6 Isn’t Looking So Good

Resident Evil 6 might be a highly anticipated title for a lot of people, but for me, the more I see of it, the less interested I am. I can’t remember if I’ve criticized the series anywhere outside of forums before, but I’ve had a number of gripes with it ever since Resident Evil 4 came out. I’m a big fan of classic Resident Evil and not much at all of modern Resident Evil. Next week I’ll be taking a detailed look at the series and what I think bogs down its recent installments. For now I’m going to specifically target Resident Evil 6, and especially go over four recent gameplay videos of it.

And before I begin, do bear in mind that I’m aware some people don’t share my pessimism about the game, and I honestly hope I’m wrong that the game is going to be bad. But I think the problems I’m going to point out are hard to ignore. I will try to avoid criticisms that come purely from a nostalgic perspective, however, though there will be some present and as I will cover next week, I think they are somewhat valid as well.

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