Axle vs. Darksiders [3]: Ulthane is Awesome

Again, it’s been a while! I’ll get back on blogging my run through this game now. So last time I cleared the Twilight Cathedral and had another talk with Samael in which War looked like he was going to kill Mark Hamil… I mean The Watcher… but didn’t (which I bet is going to bite him in the #*$ later). I acquired my “holy jeez yusssss you are so screwed” form (Chaos Form, which turns me into a large invincible demon for a short amount of time), and set off to find the “Black Hammer”, Ulthane. Bro has a nifty subtitle, whoever he is.

So I went through a brief yet extremely confusing industrial transition area in a tunnel, complete with a giant rotating fan… thing (at least it was confusing for me… both to figure out how to get through it and just in concept; what’s a giant fan… thing… doing there in a human city?), and moved on to the Drowned Pass. Instead of working my way through the enemies along the pathway and moving down to the water, I jumped straight in from the top, promptly making my navigation through this area way more confusing than it had to be! Eventually, after much pain, I made sense of it, found a bunch of secrets, killed all the bad goat men and fat exploding monster people, and moved on to Anvil’s Ford.

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