Twitter Feed in Sidebar + New Playlist & Background

Hey guys. Just a quick update to let you know about a couple of minor site changes. The playlist has been updated and move above the Social Networking stuff on the sidebar, because that stuff already has links in the form of the social networking buttons at the top.

I’ve also added the most recent tweets from my Twitter feed to the Social Networking part, and there’s a new background in preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3D! I’m also aware that image is totally website-inception.

Amon and Ghirahim on Twitter

You might have seen me bring this up on my personal Twitter and on Facebook, but I’ve recently resumed activity on my previously very inactive Ghirahim character Twitter feed, @Lord_Ghirahim. On this feed I basically tweeted 100% in-character as if I was Ghirahim, making general statements and updates while replying to people who talk to “Ghirahim”.

I also recently just started up a new character Twitter feed, Amon from Legend of Korra (@Leader_Amon). Both of these feeds should be pretty active from here on out. So check them both out!

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