Axle vs. Kingdom Hearts 3D [3]: A Belltower? I Must Climb It!

Little behind on posting these, but hey, who cares? Everyone? Oh.

So after completing Traverse Town I moved onto the next world, Cites las Cloche… Las Cite Cloches…….

La Cité des Cloches. Ugh, mouthful. I know I didn’t comment on Dive Mode before (this game’s method of going to new worlds instead of the Gummi Ships) so I will now. I think it’s a fun minigame and I think it’s good that they’re doing something different than the Gummi Ships for a bit, at least for variety (though I hope to see them again in Kingdom Hearts III). I especially liked fighting a boss in Dive Mode, though I’m a little worried that it means most of the cool Dream Eater bosses I’ve seen aren’t going to be for fighting in the normal battles. At any rate, I love the music for Dive Mode bosses.

So onto the city, starting with Riku, the first thing I notice is that the music is incredible. I mean, I already knew this. I listened to some of the music before even getting the game, so I came to des Cloches prepared: I brought headphones. The music is startlingly dark, but it really fits the world and everything. It’s very cool and it’s a major reason why this world is so cool.

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