Oddities in Thundercats episode “The Pit”

Alright, so uh… yeah. Thundercats is being kinda bizarre again. You’ll recall a few days ago I made another post about Thundercats, complaining about WilyKat and WilyKit’s total inability to hunt for food because they didn’t want to kill cute things, but total willingness to beat the crap out of a predator. Well the episode after that, “The Pit”, is um… also really weird. Mostly because of WilyKat and WilyKit. Again.

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Kumbaya victory for the Thundercats! (Ugh.)

Alright, so I’m a little late posting this, but it’s a worthy thing to post so I figured better to post it later than not at all.

Bottom line is I was watching Thundercats last weekend, the 18th episode, “Survival of the Fittest”, and it cheesed me off so bad.

Now, Thundercats isn’t a bad show. It’s not a great show either. It’s decent but has issues throughout — especially in the writing and presentation — and this episode had some big ones for me, although… possibly they bugged me more because they’re a major annoyance for me.

The episode primarily focused on WilyKat and WilyKit as they were being taught how to hunt for food by Panthro and Cheetara. This got pretty dumb pretty fast as the kids repeatedly refused to actually kill the food. They just couldn’t bear to kill these guys:

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