The End of a Savage

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Oneshot Fanfiction)
Rated T. Contains general and vague references to injury, combat, death, warfare, abandonment, feral children, and… cannibalism. Also mild swearing, just “damn” a lot.

Technically written before Twilight Successors. This fanfiction centers on King Bulblin and is basically him doing a personal retrospective of his life, with a lot of creative liberties taken. Though I do feel it ties in pretty nicely with the canon plot, and most who’ve read it agree. The comments I’ve gotten for this fic have been the best praise I’ve ever gotten. It’s a favorite of mine, and it’s definitely better than Twilight Successors, although some might like that better due to themes. This fic needs more love though; it’s better than Twilight Successors. :< Continue reading

Twilight Successors

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Oneshot Fanfiction)
I’d rate this PG. Nothing really to worry about other than some mild references to death.

Uploading old fanfictions and stories in order to make a page similar to the Articles one, then there will be new stories. This is actually something I wrote in two days (though don’t be alarmed by that statement; I do some of my best work under pressure). I wrote it to make the deadline of a fanfiction contest on, which it won (hah, less alarming now, isn’t it?). Light Midna x Zant. Kind of a romance fic, but there’s more serious drama in here. It’s a prequel to TP after all. Obviously no romance ever really worked out. Continue reading