E3 2012 Impressions: Nintendo

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New Strange Talk video. These are my impressions (almost entirely positive) about Nintendo’s showing at E3 2012. This is obviously mostly about the Wii U. Link is here or you can continue reading to view the video embed.

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  • Din Akera

    I don’t think that nintendo is truly competing with sony and microsoft no, but is consistently compared to them and always will be. For that reason, I believe they are in somewhat of competitive relationship with those companies simply because consumers will think about them as such. People buying these systems will see it that way. I also like the leap frog effect of console releases. It is actually very smart on nintendo’s part. People that are iching for something new in the period of wait between sony/microsoft will purchase the system, as well as normal consumers. (those that would buy it anyway). I disagree slightly about who is ahead of who. I think the WiiU has some very new and innovative ideas, yes. And in that regard, they are ahead. However, I think microsoft has built on nintendo’s motion control idea so much more with the kinect and are ahead in that feild. In this sense, nintendo is more innovative but microsoft has been more productive with an exisiting idea. In regard to the expectation of something new. I think exponential increases in productivity in the gaming industry in the most recent decade has made people begin to expect new and exciting. People are naturally excited about new things, and desire that feeling whether it is warranted or not. I’m not saying it is in anyway realistic, but i can see where it is coming from. I can totally get over the shape of the controller, I own a 3DS and played OoT! Targeting taught me to to deal with a corner sticking into my palm consistently! Battle Quest looks pretty sweet. I’ll be excited to play online if I can. I don’t know that nintendo has won my heart enough that I would buy their console first. But I certainly would never turn away from it. I enjoyed the screen looking. XD Great video. ps. This was a way better post the first time I typed it out, but I accidentally closed it and had to retype.